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`2001 - A Space Odyssey´
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by: Silent Sight ()
Comment No. 1
06-Sep-2002, 20:26 GMT
I don't know about the screenplay but i do know that the film was a total waste of time. Stanley Kubrick obviously didnt know when to say "cut!" in this movie. The scenes drag on for endless periods of time and slow the film down to a dormant pace. On the other hand i loved Stanley's film "Full Metal Jacket" and i recommend that who ever reads this to check out the screenplay.
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by: tiktokman ()
Comment No. 2
25-Oct-2002, 21:41 GMT
Superb film, but this is not the shooting script but a first draft that was changed considerably before shooting.
Does anyone have the real screenplay? Please send it to me!
The Tik-Tok Man
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by: Sean ()
Comment No. 3
27-Oct-2002, 19:26 GMT
If you smoke a couple blunts before viewing this film, it's actually really good. Maybe this is what Kubrick did when he was making it...
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the last comment
by: empire ()
Comment No. 4
31-Oct-2002, 23:35 GMT
silent sight's comment is ridiculous...this exemplifies the problem with american films and american consciousness in general...we have lost the ability to be still and contemplative...the notion that there needs to be a cut every four or five seconds...and that every scene needs to contribute to the plot is the reason that american cinema is banal and predictable...it is the reason that americans rarely if ever produce a work of art for the cinema.
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this film
by: drunk movie buff ()
Comment No. 5
02-Nov-2002, 17:59 GMT
i haven't seen this film, so i could'nt possibly comment
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by: milo ()
Comment No. 6
17-Mar-2003, 14:17 GMT
this is Kubrick all the way: not easy to understand.
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by: Tracy McGrady ()
Comment No. 7
02-Jul-2003, 11:23 GMT
I love this movie it is my favorite!! Kubrick at his best!!
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by: kittykat ()
Comment No. 8
23-Sep-2003, 14:15 GMT
the visuals both set and shots are worth viewing over and over.
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Kubricks most interesting film.
by: Ben Ziegler ()
Comment No. 9
15-Jan-2004, 15:54 GMT
Some inspiring, breathtaking visual shots, that classic score and some truly groundbreaking visual effects makes this probably the greatest sci-fi ever made. Though i do agree, that its painful slowness had me dozing off more than thrice. Great ending.
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Major Differences From Actual Film
by: jlgnyc
Comment No. 10
07-May-2004, 19:25 GMT
This is a more interesting movie than the quasi-artistic film that was actually released. There must have been a great deal of pressure on them in the late '60s to do something more unusual and psychadelic as well as to keep with the then-evident trend towards ephereal movie making. I think this version would have made a much better movie than what was actually made and could provide inspiration for a remake, albeit with far less narration and a huge technology facelift.

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by: John ()
Comment No. 11
02-Jun-2004, 02:15 GMT
I just want to know what Kubrick was smoking when making this movie. Although I don't only blame him. I also hate anybody else that had anything to do with making this movie a complete waste of time. And I mean EVERYBODY!!!
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by: Kayozz ()
Comment No. 12
01-Jul-2004, 19:33 GMT
I totally agree with empire. I myself have tried to avoid watching American movies in case they poison my creative instincts. Alas, they are everywhere... Good to see someone like Michael Moore taking the leap and avoiding what the public WANT and giving them something they NEED. A kick up the ass to Hollywood maybe?
I'm just going to stick with my Japanese cinema for a while...

My opinion 2001 - a space odyssey.

A great film, hidden in its depths are some great views and ideas. Watch with an open mind and be patient.
but most of all enjoy!
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by: mehmetali ()
Comment No. 13
15-Jul-2004, 21:24 GMT
.......but what a fuckin major absolute fuckin great film. whoever said this film was a waste of time deserves to be hang by their balls
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by: Allen ()
Comment No. 14
21-Jul-2004, 21:38 GMT
well said, empire
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Sukky Movie
by: Ben ()
Comment No. 15
27-Jul-2004, 00:43 GMT
I think this movie blows dogs for quarters mannn!!!
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by: udo ()
Comment No. 16
23-Aug-2004, 04:34 GMT
people should not be hanged by the balls for having an opinion.
I do like 2001 very much but watching it on a tv screen is definitely
a waste of time. Also i think it's time for a remake. It's a great
sci-fi story about were space exploration might take us. This time,
more that 30 years after the last person left the moon, it could be
done much more realistic. And i'm not talking about the quality of
the special effects. It should still be a slow movie, but in imax 3d
and imax 3d only.
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Pretty nice
by: StarBuck
Comment No. 17
20-Jan-2005, 01:28 GMT
Not a favorite sci fi but enjoyable. needed to be more suspenseful. Of course the beginning song is memorably cheesy so that's always a plus. the rest ... eehh.
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by: Nostradamus
Comment No. 18
16-Mar-2005, 02:39 GMT
DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE ON A TV OR COMPUTER!!! It's like breathing through a straw. Wait until it's playing in an independent theater and see it then. Trust me it will be worth the wait. You can not even begin to appreciate this movie until you see it on the big screen. If you still think this movie is boring after seeing it at such a large scale, that's your opinion. But saying you've experienced this picture by seeing it on a TV is like saying you know what it's like to swim in the ocean because you swim in your bathtub.
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by: Clay Miller ()
Comment No. 19
06-May-2005, 07:41 GMT
While Empire's comments about American consciousness may be true, I was struck wondering how it was devined that Silent Signt is an American. Note to Empire: Please email me a list of films that will illuminate my American consciousness and lend themselves as fine example of cinematic art. No bull-shitting, I could use an awakening.
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by: Fucket ()
Comment No. 20
27-Feb-2006, 18:31 GMT
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2001 Space Odyssey
by: the cretan glance ()
Comment No. 21
19-Jan-2007, 18:57 GMT
Hal's revenge! Kuberick, Dubold and a few others were right after all. Iguess they read Marx. This film is to movies much like Proust is to literature. It is unlike other science fiction on film which is often akin to the writing on the back of a ceral box. It is arguably the first reflection of popular culture of the insight that the human race will be nothing more than the sum of its technolgy.
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Read the book. It makes Sense. Kuberick? He thumbed his nose at us all
by: Tim ()
Comment No. 22
21-Feb-2008, 19:31 GMT
I saw this in 70mm in a theater. I was 10. I asked my father on the way out what it meant. He had no clue either. Now, at 50, I still have no clue. I read the book, then got a clue.

Kuberick was insane. He would not fly. When he left the set, he would take the film himself, and would have a car in front, back and to the sides so if there was an accident, the staff would get killed.

Kuberick is great with a camera, no doubt, but he has no clue with story.
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Watch it on the big screen!
by: Miles T.
Comment No. 23
04-Mar-2009, 16:41 GMT
I totally agree with Nostradamus! You have to watch this movie in a theatre. It is a waste of time on a normal TV screen, it is a revelation in a movie theatre. Like taking LSD in an isolation chamber.
I still have got no clue what the movie is all about, but at the end, it did not matter at all: The journey is the destination!
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no subject
by: ()
Comment No. 24
29-Apr-2010, 07:28 GMT
While Empire's comments about American consciousness may be true, I was struck wondering how it was devined that Silent Signt is an American. Note to Empire:I still have got no clue what the movie is all about, but at the end, it did not matter at all: The journey is the destination!
mary scott
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Screen play
by: saeed ()
Comment No. 25
14-Sep-2013, 14:27 GMT
I am saeed hamidi from lran ,and I would like to send me the screen play of comlot serise film.
thank you
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`2001 - A Space Odyssey´

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