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the assains film
by: drunk asks how many more i have to get through before i loose my sanity and convictive tendancies to drugs and all that shyte ()
Comment No. 1
02-Nov-2002, 19:08 GMT
our lord, who art in heaven, hello be to thee, matey.
dear god,
how are you my old mucker? how are things on cloud nine, golly, i sure do wish that one day i may sit beside your all-knowing, infallible throne. i have seen you though, using the power of my eye. the eye that i use to tap into all things unworldly. dam it, how is the weather up there? i here you're currently experiencing a light and breezy warmth. is this so? oh how i wish i was there. i'm afraid uncle lucifer has other plans for me though. he says that soon i shall be living with him, aserting that it is he that i should thank for my third eye powers. oh how i hope it isn't so. can my clarity really be attained through wrong doing, or the prospect of? i can see clearly now the rain has gone. it will be a fine, bright sun-shining day. i thank both of you for this happiness that i have found. god, uncle lucifer, you are both favourable relatives of mine, without either of you, i feel that their would be little balance in my life. how would i exsist without your presense and wisdom. you have both contributed to my exsistense and are both party to my upbringing and self exploration. cheers mateies!
hope to see you soon, your son and nephew, darth khaaver
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Good Movie.
by: TheHobbit ()
Comment No. 2
05-May-2004, 16:53 GMT
Good Screenplay even better movie.
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by: Azul ()
Comment No. 3
25-Oct-2004, 22:22 GMT
I don't know about the screeplay... but the movie is pure crap! sucks! I couldn't even sit through it and watch the entire thing.
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