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`Notting Hill´
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by: Lolita Dermody ()
Comment No. 1
16-Nov-2003, 17:26 GMT
I love tha movie and the play is well worth it!
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by: Yinka Ogun ()
Comment No. 2
29-May-2004, 19:30 GMT
Brilliant, its always been my favourite movie, so it was a thrill reading the screenplay,especially since i'm a screenwriter as well
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by: Anna
Comment No. 3
24-Oct-2004, 15:39 GMT
oh, whoopsidaisies!
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Terribly funny and wonderful!
by: redwitch ()
Comment No. 4
13-Nov-2004, 06:40 GMT
I haven't seen this movie yet and will on cd after I read the screenplay. At this point I am very sure that I won't be disappointed. Terribly funny and wonderful!
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Fabulous Farce
by: Firefly ()
Comment No. 5
12-Mar-2005, 22:34 GMT
This is in my DVD collection, and when gathering with friends to watch something, and everyone wants different films, all can be settled when someone pulls this out. Suddenly the room is filled with choruses of , "Oh, yes!" "I love that movie!" "It's my favorite!" "I've seen it 50 times--50 more won't hurt!" Then, while it's being put into the player, someone will say, "Chicks dig gray." followed by hoots of laughter.
This movie is why couches, friends, fireplaces, and popcorn were made.
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very romantic and very funny
by: Jay ()
Comment No. 6
14-Mar-2005, 01:18 GMT
Big foot mean's large shoes......
I'm just also a girl standung in front of a boy asking him to love her...... i will never forget this movie!!!!!!
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by: xapaktep ()
Comment No. 7
08-Aug-2005, 07:38 GMT
Hi! I need screenplay of "Notting Hill".
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its great
by: Abby
Comment No. 8
05-Oct-2005, 18:02 GMT
This is great its one of my favourite films. I've watched it loads but I still love it. lol
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by: Bolade Temitope ()
Comment No. 9
29-Apr-2010, 11:53 GMT
great script!i love the combination of Hugh Grant and Julis Roberts. it'a a wonderful romantic drama that just tugs at my heart. i can watch it over and over again. in fact i have.
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Great Screenplay
by: Will ()
Comment No. 10
17-Jan-2014, 05:21 GMT
I enjoy reading a great screenplay from a great movie. I love the little insights the writer adds in comments, that I may have missed in watching the finished film. And it reminds me of how many talented and hard working people contributed so much, in so many ways, to make it bloom into it's final, spectacular form.
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`Notting Hill´

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