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`Pretty Woman´
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The people (actors)
by: Val ()
Comment No. 1
23-Jun-2004, 00:22 GMT
I loved the whole show not just one or two of the thingspeople that was going on.
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Universal Problem
by: Babinlata ()
Comment No. 2
17-Sep-2004, 11:15 GMT
It is when I watched Pretty Woman that I realised protitute or hooker suffered same humiliation all over the world.
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Pretty Woman
by: Kim
Comment No. 3
15-Nov-2004, 15:06 GMT
Have you ever even seen the movie. Whoever wrote this, I swear, has never even glanced at the cover. This screenplay was so inaccurate. That is all.
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by: Kim
Comment No. 4
15-Nov-2004, 15:07 GMT
Was this an old script or something?
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Dissapointed !!!
by: axelbum
Comment No. 5
16-Aug-2005, 13:17 GMT
that was really bad, it had no reverence to what was said in the movie !!!
Dodgy !!!
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`Pretty Woman´

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