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`Sixth Sense, The´
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by: John ()
Comment No. 1
02-Jun-2004, 02:48 GMT
It was the scariest movie I have ever seen, and I saw a lot of horror flicks! Bruce Willis is great!
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A solid script!
by: Everth Palomeque, jr ()
Comment No. 2
23-Jul-2004, 23:28 GMT
For me, this screenplay presented one of, if not, the best writen script I 've come across. M.Night Shyamalan dove with extreme passion in this one. His sense of writing allows the reader to be a participant in the storytelling. His "action, description, dialouge" are compelling to read. I recommand this to anyone who aspires to be a screenwriter. It is a written masterpiece!
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Excellent Script
by: Asia Thomas ()
Comment No. 3
01-Jan-2005, 00:50 GMT
This is definitely the best script I've read in a long time. I became involved and was able to place myself into the character's mood and nature. Grand Slam.
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by: Stace ()
Comment No. 4
09-Jan-2005, 22:21 GMT
I thought this movie was amazing! I loved how everything jus popped up. You never expected it and it made you feel like you were right there watching it happen.
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by: Melissa ()
Comment No. 5
28-Aug-2006, 02:24 GMT
I've never been interested in scripts or screenplays before, but i've had to read some for a class. this is my first one and i am definitely impressed. these are going to become my new novels!
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Took my breath away!!!! Whew!!!!!!!
by: Sanjay Massey ()
Comment No. 6
29-Feb-2008, 11:42 GMT
I read the screenplay after watching the movie (If you ask me to make a list of movies with great endings, I'd definitely put this one on top!). I therefore knew the twist in the tale. Even then, reading the screenplay was pure joy. It's a lesson in visual storytelling, with minimal dialogue. You automatically get sucked into the characters' lives. Excellent community of emotion! Also, it is one of the scariest movies I've ever seen [Another is 'The Others' by Spanish director Alejendro Amenabar whose scrrenplay I've been searching on the net but it seems to be unavaiable (another favourite with a great surprise ending)]. Hats off to you, Mr Shyamalan!
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Great screenplay
by: Eric ()
Comment No. 7
29-Jun-2009, 05:16 GMT
I enjoy reading screenplays more than books. Just my preference. I have all these stories to tell and I'm trying to learn more about the process. I was very engaged by the screenplay, and obviously, like millions of people, loved the movie. This was a master-class on screenplay writing and I'm sure I will come back to it and take notes.
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The Feeling
by: Richard Carpenter ()
Comment No. 8
19-Jun-2011, 01:24 GMT
There are some movies that simply go beyond the actors acting. This is one of those movies that was so well written that you get "The Feeling," while watching it. You feel Cody's pain, you feel the hair stand up on your neck, and when it's over, you gut is wrenched it emotion. But, it all starts with writing. There's never been a good movie that wasnt well written. One of my top 5 fav's
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`Sixth Sense, The´

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