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by: The Hobbit ()
Comment No. 1
29-Apr-2004, 15:18 GMT
This is really a good fucking movie. I can watch this one again and again, really good.
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Hells Yeah
by: An Awesome Guy
Comment No. 2
25-May-2004, 17:45 GMT
Sphere fuckin rules.
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by: LizardKing ()
Comment No. 3
09-Nov-2004, 22:52 GMT
This was a very entertaining movie. But like most movies based on books, the book is waay better. Read it!
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a boring movie on german tv
by: Bored Frank :-P
Comment No. 4
27-Aug-2005, 19:39 GMT
i watched this movie on tv the other day and i hafta say that it was so damn boring (at least the german version was). from the beginning to the end almost everything was very far-fetched and unrealistic (especially the part where the alien's messages get 'decoded'). holy shit, man! what a bummer!
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