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`White Squall´
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White Squall: A Lesson in Craft, Structure and Life
by: Lars ()
Comment No. 1
24-Nov-2005, 23:30 GMT
Todd Robinson's brilliant screenplay, White
Squall gives the reader more than just the blueprint to a great movie; it gives the reader a lesson in dedicated craft, exemplary structure and shine a light ona lesson of life. The tragic true story -- difficult enough to make real life fly in the face of mythical character and plot -- comes to life in the hands of this writer so as to "feel" this movie. As one of the best examples of screenwriting seen since the golden age of Hollywood, one can learn a great deal from "White Squall". Read it once...twice and keep coming back, for its essence rings like a bell of hope and wonder and like the bell of the Albatross itself...rings true.
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`White Squall´

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