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`Kill Bill´
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What is so special about The Bride;s name that has to be bleeped out?
by: WTF ()
Comment No. 1
19-Apr-2004, 08:25 GMT

If it wasn't meant to be spoken, then don't speak it.
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Brides name
by: Casey ()
Comment No. 2
23-Apr-2004, 01:36 GMT
They reveal the bride's real name in volume 2
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Brides name
by: Moroni ()
Comment No. 3
23-Apr-2004, 17:41 GMT
Actually if you pay close attention to what Bill says in the first scene of Vol. 1 he says her name right there...her last name anyway.
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by: The Hobbit ()
Comment No. 4
27-Apr-2004, 18:02 GMT
Terantino does it again, an epic revenge tale told by the master himself. I think he sold his soul to satan for ideas
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by: Don ()
Comment No. 5
27-Apr-2004, 22:04 GMT
He doesn't say her real name he say's her assumed name (The name she picked to get married with) Also, they block it out in Vol 2 also.
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by: Don ()
Comment No. 6
27-Apr-2004, 22:10 GMT
they do say it (not the fill name).. But in "The 5,6,7's and 8's" (Chapter 13 on the DVD) it's written on her ticket (Upper right corner, about 6 frames)... Anyone know why that bleeped it?
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kill bill
by: MyStIcAl ()
Comment No. 7
09-May-2004, 07:37 GMT
do they say the name in number 2, if they dont they probly couldnt think of 1
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Bill's Death
by: Akirgoh
Comment No. 8
18-May-2004, 03:36 GMT
I like this screenplays version on Bills death much more than the actual films. I wish Quentin had kept the final fight on the beach. I wonder if some scenes were deleted so that the film could more easily be split in to two parts, and if these scenes will be available in any sort of DVD. Great script.
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by: tom ()
Comment No. 9
20-May-2004, 17:42 GMT
they do hint to her name in volume one : "Silly rabbit, Trix are for Kids" Trix = Beatrix, Kids = Kiddo . Beatrix Kiddo.
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Beatrix Kiddo
by: ...
Comment No. 10
12-Jun-2004, 05:59 GMT
Don't you get it? Whenever Bill says "Kiddo", he's mentioning her last name.
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Beatrix Kiddo
by: JPT ()
Comment No. 11
14-Jun-2004, 16:44 GMT
Anyone realized why they showed kiddo in a classroom with kids when they first mentioned her first name..Beatrix?? Whats so special about that sceen?
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What You Should Know Already
by: Simpson ()
Comment No. 12
07-Jul-2004, 06:52 GMT
Tarantino has said; He will release Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2 as a full length NC-17 Film, in theaters near you. Hopefully the scene of Bill Fighting the Man in Black (See bootleg Trailer on vol. 1 dvd) is the missing L.F. Boyle Casino screen which introduces Bill. David Caridine (BILL) said it was cut for time. To prove that Tarantino is completly in charge: In chapter 1, "2" the script calls for Vernita Green to push over a glass shelving unit with various African art, pictures and a comemerative plate set of prominant African leaders. The scene is maybe four second long, but in freeze frame MLK's plate is in the middle.
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by: Tim ()
Comment No. 13
07-Jul-2004, 07:11 GMT
Tarantino has said that he gave thought to making Kill Bill a trilogy. He decided against it obviously since Bill dies. Then he said he thought about having Uma Thurman return as "The Bride" and the actor that played Vernita Green's daughter "Nikki" would return to "Settle the Score". In 15 years, give or take. The logical question is what role Kiddo's kid, B.B. will play?

The reason The Bride's name is Bleeped is because she does not play the emotional depth to be "Bea". Her CHARACTER name is only The Bride, like so many Clint Eastwood films with The Man with no name. The actual moment of change (as asertained from the script) is when Tarantino writes "This is a side of The Bride we have not seen before" when refering to her freaking out when buried alive.

The only speculation that I can gather is when Beatrix Kiddo is shown in school it is to signify what we can figure out by her name, she has grown up in a divirse neighborhood and definatly has a sassy side to her. (Like her alway's calling Cunt's Bitches)
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Kill Bill
by: Blend
Comment No. 14
07-Jul-2004, 13:41 GMT
I dont know why some of you say they didnt mention her name.. The first time her name was mentioned was when bill was told that Beatrix was dead. She said that he would be standing on the final resting place of 'Beatrix Kiddo"
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Kill Bill
by: Allen ()
Comment No. 15
07-Jul-2004, 19:59 GMT
for those of you who keep complaining about not saying the bride's name. that was an artistic choice by Quintin Tarantino. so quit complaining. its a great movie the way it is.
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Mr Bill.
by: KB3 ()
Comment No. 16
14-Jul-2004, 04:47 GMT
The Name Beatrix Kiddo refers too nothing more than a silly name. I have read online that it means "a medical term for an inflamed asshole" but then I do not think it too be that. A lot of people online are asking the same thing from the classroom scene. I just think it is a silly name. For an example: william pussy. The surname is to throw you off as her name is not reviled until pt2. This to let the audience think he is a father figure. "All right kid" a man says to a younger man passing.

I could be wrong, but i have searched for it, and this is all I can come up with.

PT1 = Amazing.
PT2 = A Bit Slow, and too much "points" spoken by Bill. I felt like shouting at the TV "Shut the Hell UPPP, Someone stop this man from talking in code." Hehehe...
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Dear Mr Bill,
by: Wes ()
Comment No. 17
15-Jul-2004, 05:41 GMT
I struggle to understand what point you are making, when you said:
"I just think it is a silly name. For an example: william pussy. The surname is to throw you off as her name is not reviled until pt2. This to let the audience think he is a father figure. "All right kid" a man says to a younger man passing."

You lost me. I respect that you have opinions, but this one does not make any sense, much like your comment on Bill speaking, since he is the main villian. Your "search" has led you astray. read a book.

I just think it is a silly name. For an example: william pussy. The surname is to throw you off as her name is not reviled until pt2. This to let the audience think he is a father figure. "All right kid" a man says to a younger man passing. ?

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The genius artistry of the film
by: dixiechick ()
Comment No. 18
20-Jul-2004, 17:06 GMT
Well after reviewing the comments made, I have come to a conclusion. It seems to me at least a small handful of you aren't blubbering idiots. I don't understand the big fuss! Just the storyline itself was amazing! All the actors were incredible, the fight scenes, the music, etc. As long as Quentin continues to make films, I will certainly continue to watch them with enjoyment. Whatever he wants to do in his films are his business and his business alone!! It seems some of you can't get that through your thick skulls. I don't know about the rest of you but I was filled with such amazement by watching the film. It is truly a work of art. So, my advice to everyone would be just to sit back, relax, and enjoy yet another of Quentins remarkable yet profoundly tasteful film. Believe me when I say that it is an honor to continue to watch his films!
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kill bill
by: burrben ()
Comment No. 19
22-Jul-2004, 15:57 GMT
Who gives a shit about the name? There are so many delicious bits of dialog and such that it is pointless. It's like trying to find out if Pat is a man or a woman. It's Pat.
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by: Ball ()
Comment No. 20
29-Jul-2004, 08:10 GMT
I like your film's music very much!!!
Who has recommandated it? Bang! Bang!
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the name which hath confused you all
by: AdamG ()
Comment No. 21
06-Aug-2004, 15:18 GMT
If you look close, the name appears on the plane ticket to Okinawa in part 1.

Also, the nature of the film is all about things not being revealed until it is necessary to know them.
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The greatest story ever told
by: madass ()
Comment No. 22
13-Aug-2004, 03:53 GMT
This is in my opinion the best film ever made. I do have a few unanswered questions. Why is Hatori Hanso an enemy of Bill. What is Bill's history. Why is Budd angry with Bill. I would love to see a film about the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad that also included a little history on all of them. This movie rules!!!
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Her Name: Missing the point
by: ArchieBang ()
Comment No. 23
15-Aug-2004, 12:48 GMT
You guys are missing the point.

I didn't see anyone complaing about the films because her names was bleeped. What I saw was people simply asking WHY the name was bleeped.

We all thought the movie was beautifully done, and a graet film. But no matter how good a film is, if the movie has BLEEP all through it, we are going to wonder why. That does not mean we are complaining or bitching about the film. It just means we are curious.

If anything, we are hoping to gain and understanding so we can appreciate the film even more.
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by: Filmmaker ()
Comment No. 24
25-Aug-2004, 04:18 GMT
As a filmmaker, anything that takes you out of the film's world and back to reality is a distraction. The bleeping, for whatever reason Mr. Tarantino decided to put it there, is a distraction. At every viewing we've had, many people thought it was a flaw in the film/DVD. If that was his intention (to wake up the viewer or pull them out of the film), he succeeded. I think it's a great film, but even the greatest films can't be perfect.
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by: ed ()
Comment No. 25
16-Sep-2004, 19:50 GMT
Maybe I have different copies. Her name is never bleeped and is quite often mentioned in Part II. I never even realised the name was an issue.

Good film though the fightscenes in part 1 (with the crazy 88) are a bit too long.
One wonders why someone of the crazy 88 did not carry a gun and just took her out. "never bring a knife to a gunfight" That would have settled the score
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The above comment about the long crazy 88 scene
by: Toni
Comment No. 26
19-Sep-2004, 14:32 GMT
My explanation for that: one kick-ass swordfight scene = much more interesting
It would suck if they just shot her wouldn't it?

That's like saying why didn't they all just attack her at once, we're meant to see her as a much better fighter than them so she can take them all on. Anyway, great movie(s)
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sounds of the Bleep
by: DeceptiveWayz ()
Comment No. 27
19-Oct-2004, 16:31 GMT
The Bleeps came right in time for me as my eyes were drifting down(not because I thought the movie was boring, it just happens) Not only did it wake me up I spent a few minutes wondering what the hell that noise was.
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Re: sounds of the Bleep
by: Franky G ()
Comment No. 28
19-Oct-2004, 20:45 GMT
ROFL! DeceptiveWayz, that's the best comment on that bleep thingy ever! LOL! Hahahaha... (almost p1ss1n my shoes) ...
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What's In A Name?
by: Jem
Comment No. 29
18-Nov-2004, 05:38 GMT
My gosh, like the post said earlier - some of you are blubbering idiots! Beatrix's name was simply bleeped to give her some mystery/mystique - "The Bride" as she is referred to insinuates that she is a steely killing machine on a mission rather than a human being with a purpose which isn't explored until well into Vol. 2. Remember, she does not know B.B is even still alive until she confronts Bill at the hacienda so everything up until that point, is all about The Bride on a "roaring rampage of revenge". Plus, because it was split into 2 Volumes, it was a clever gimmick to make audiences want to come back & make sense of the entire story & finally have her name revealed.
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Pay close attention and read!
by: Hesper ()
Comment No. 30
30-Dec-2004, 00:43 GMT
The brides name is revealed in the first film! Not verbally, Pause your DVD on the boarding pass as she leaves for Japan, zoom in and its clear as day printed on the ticket. BEATRIX KIDDO
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Kill Bill
by: gsef ()
Comment No. 31
07-Feb-2005, 20:41 GMT
Its such a great movie....dont even get me started on how insanly well done it was
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by: saveferris
Comment No. 32
03-Mar-2005, 04:35 GMT
the only reason QT wanted to bleep out the brides name is so he could make a bunch of bitches like you engage in meaningless arguments about it. he won, you lost, deal with it.

theres nothing more to it than its a good movie and screenplay and you should just appreciate it.
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it isn't that great
by: milo ()
Comment No. 33
28-Mar-2005, 00:00 GMT
the movie has a great production as well as photography and dialogue, but it didn't quite rock my world. If I had to mention Tarantino's best (though I'm not a fan of him at all) it would be Reservoir Dogs. I admit it, his way of dialogue is unique, but that's the only thing that makes it for me.
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by: ReservoirDog
Comment No. 34
03-Apr-2005, 16:58 GMT
Ne 1 know what QT's next movie is?
Is the vega brothers still a possibility?
What about Inglorious Bastards or Kill Bill 3?
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QT Top 10's
by: A.R.T. ()
Comment No. 35
12-May-2005, 02:50 GMT
When I heard the bleep I started laughing my ass off , because QT was at it again, fucking with his audience, it's the same thing whith the briefcase in Pulp fiction, he is a genius, he just LOVES messing arround with his viewers attention and thats all there is to it!
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The Bleep
by: Dustin ()
Comment No. 36
16-May-2005, 13:13 GMT
Someone made the comment about the bleep bringing you away from the movie by causing a distraction. Its likely that Tarantino was using an effect by one of his influences Jean Luc Goddard, who would use different film effects but in a way that would call obvious attention to them...
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Silly Rabbit
by: Internet2k4 ()
Comment No. 37
19-Jun-2005, 04:08 GMT
Re comment 9 etc. More than that, her name is telling us all what to "do" with ourselves in life: Be a trix kid, do!
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the bride was ripped off.
by: epac ()
Comment No. 38
05-Sep-2005, 23:59 GMT
The Bride was written back in 1992 and sent as a graphic novel to Dark Horse comics. Dark Horse (well know for ripping off materials) said nothing to the author. Meanwhile the story proposal made its way to Tarrentino's hands and he added the samurai scenerio. The story was actually about a bride whose fiance (Bill) is killed by an ex-boyfriend-gang leader at the altar and she being once a gang member goes after them wearing her wedding gown and a shot gun. As far as I'm concern Tarrentino is a has been and washed out that he has to steal outright.
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peter pay for paul
by: neki ()
Comment No. 39
24-Oct-2005, 21:56 GMT
it meant to dont play around with silly pesons
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by: nekisha ryan ()
Comment No. 40
24-Oct-2005, 22:01 GMT
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Her Name
by: QT FAN
Comment No. 41
04-Dec-2005, 09:21 GMT
I like the idea that her character is being reborn. she is buried as the bride. and breaks out as beatrix kiddo. he revelas her name as she breaks through the dirt. born again.
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early life of Beatrix
by: Lori ()
Comment No. 42
06-Apr-2006, 19:19 GMT
I've watched the movie many times. I own the DVD's. I know
> why the Bride goes on a rampage and takes her revenge. I was
> wondering how she became involved with Bill and became an assassin in
> the first place. In Vol 1, Q. T. explained how O-Ren's parents were
> murdered and why she became a killer. In Vol 2, Q. T. explains how
> Bill and Budd had a mother who was a prostitute and that her pimp took
> all the fatherless boys and formed a murderous gang. Beatrix Kiddo
> is the central character in this movie and I have no idea what her
> childhood was like and what circumstances made her turn to a life of
> crime. I was wondering if you read anything about the character's
> past. Thanks in advance, Lori
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by: Anonymous Flex
Comment No. 43
22-Sep-2006, 21:16 GMT
When Elle says "silly rabbit, Trix are for kids\", it is sort of a hint.
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RE: Early Life of B-Kiddo
by: raven0840 ()
Comment No. 44
03-Dec-2006, 23:01 GMT
Actually, in Vol II that pimp is mentioned only as Bill's father, not Budd's, at least not explicitly. Maybe Bill kills Budd's birth father over Budd and Bill's birth mother? Also, when Bill is talking to Budd in Vol II outside of the trailer (incidentally with a beautiful italian DeTomaso parked out front), there's another bleep. I thought forever it was my DVD until I recently rewatched Vol I and heard it again. Anybody know what the deal is in Vol II?
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by: papacito ()
Comment No. 45
07-Jun-2007, 15:52 GMT
Tarantino bleeps the name to distract us like Goddard, and to keep her as a character: The Bride, rather than a person, just like Sergio Leone did in hi spaghetti westerns. Same thing with the briefcase in Pulp Fiction, it's a nod to Luis Bunuel's film Belle de Jour, in which an oriental man brings a box to the prostitute's bed. AT is obviously down with these classic films of the New Wave, which is why he named the company A Band Apart. Watch some of these films first and you'll start getting Kill Bill.
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kill bill 3 and 4 release
by: bubblez ()
Comment No. 46
13-Jun-2008, 20:35 GMT
Does anyone know when kill bill 3 and 4 are released in theatres??I've been waiting for it to come out, any news would be appreciated, thnx.
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Name meanings
by: L.H.W.
Comment No. 47
05-Jul-2008, 05:26 GMT
I have read online that [Beatrix Kiddo] means "a medical term for an inflamed asshole" but then I do not think it too be that. -KB3

Beatrix comes from Viatrix, a femeinine form of Viator. It's latin meaning traveler. Indeed, she does travel. It was also associated with the word beatus meaning blessed. Kiddo is a term of endearment and a nickname someone might give to a younger friend. I looked it up and I don't know where you got your information about inflamed assholes.
On other notes, Bill comes from William. William comes from the germanic Wilhelm compsed of the elements will or desire and helmet or protection.
Aside from meaning she in french, Elle comes from Eleanore. From the Old French form of the Proven?al name Ali?nor. It was first borne by the influential Eleanor of Aquitaine (12th century), who was the queen of Louis VII, the king of France, and later Henry II, the king of England. She was named Aenor after her mother, and was called by the Proven?al phrase alia Aenor "the other Aenor" in order to distinguish her from her mother.
Vernita is a variend of Verna. It's a latin name meaning spring green which, interestingly enough, ties in with her last name.
The japanese family name Ishii means stone or well. Try as I might, though, I could not find the translation of O-Ren.
Sofie is a varient of Sophie, a french form of Sophia that means wisdom in greek. Fatale is french for fatal or deadly. Knowlege is power?

Interesting, no? I like name meanings.
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Kill Bill 3 & 4
by: L.H.W.
Comment No. 48
05-Jul-2008, 05:35 GMT
Quentin Tarantino has said that he might do more on Kill Bill after 1 & 2. However, we don't know when that will be. He is working on other films for now. We still don't know for sure if he will actually do more at all. Personally, I'm waiting on History Of The World Pt. 2 and Spaceballs 2: The Search For More Money. *Don't* leave us alone Mel Brooks!
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scripts vs production
by: DMD
Comment No. 49
11-Aug-2009, 21:53 GMT
I have to say, living in Austin myself, I really enjoyed the AUTHENTIC details about various areas.

I also enjoyed the ridiculous gunfight scene back in LA with O-Ren's second Japanese sister bodyguard of GoGo.

The end with Bill is 2 or 3x better in the script than in the movie.

Also the meeting with Bills father was an unnecessary addition, BUT it cut down on monologue-ing from Bill so that is fine.

There is stylistic compromise happening every day, but why is QT having to make that sacrifice when he is also the director?

Why would the script have been changed from this version to fit the screen? It was lengthened to two movies, the second of which is inferior of course due to its slower pace, but that could have been fixed if anything was to be changed.

As regards the issue of this film being a ripoff, QT has drawn from countless sources as most artists do, and I fail to see how anyone could not see his creative genius in weaving all the separate elements together. I was unable to find an anime of The Bride. I do not know if DarkHorse made mention of this storyline to QT at any point.

I did find Lone Wolf and Cub, which is fairly famous and I'm sure QT was aware of.


This was probably a formative influence on the film.

Great script, typos and all.

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Comment no.1
by: jords. ()
Comment No. 50
19-Jan-2012, 06:19 GMT
Dear WTF. They bleep out her name because when Bill killed her baby and her whole fucking family, it represented that he robbed her of her identity.
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by: resolute ()
Comment No. 51
31-Dec-2012, 14:47 GMT
Hi Everyone!
as an screenwriter I have to say here that " for to write some unique things you really shouldn't sell your soul to anyone,believe me !"
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Kill Bill
by: Ross Logan ()
Comment No. 52
17-Aug-2015, 10:48 GMT
The Bride having her sword on the plane was a bit naff and unrealistic. The whole scene was unnessasary, which sums up the whole movie for me. However it is still, an enjoyable movie.
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kill bill
by: gj boxy
Comment No. 53
01-May-2016, 23:42 GMT
So,what are we talking about here, a cool colorful fantasy, get with it, relax, enjoy talent for entertaining,you are not here to teach,learn from the master,sword or screen.
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Intersting film
by: Ragab ()
Comment No. 54
18-Jun-2017, 19:10 GMT
I think we need another part
Of that movie .. it can talk about the girl and the revenge back . Trying to kill her and her mom teach her etc.....
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