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by: John ()
Comment No. 1
02-Jun-2004, 02:36 GMT
It's probobly fun if your wasted. I wouldn't know because I've never been near drugs or alchohol.
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by: sexy beast ()
Comment No. 2
19-Jan-2006, 04:28 GMT
boringggggggggggggggggggg. serioully i can write a better movie than that.
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by: MR ()
Comment No. 3
26-Aug-2007, 12:28 GMT
Well, opinions are not facts. To each his own. And despite being "boring" the movie has many fans. I'm not saying you're wrong. Opinion= no one's right and no one's wrong. And all those gs in boring are redundant and pointless... and BORING! It's like saying boring, ga, ga, ga, ga etc. You should've emphaized the ing. (That was Facetious.) If you can write a better one and put your money where mouth is, why not do it? Don't you know what you like? If you really do you wouldn't have watched the movie in the first place. I believe people who REALLY know what they like waste less of their time on stuff they don't because the can tell from the information available, revews, etc if they'd like it or not. It's the people who can't make that descision beforehand and give a movie a try only to be disappointed. Shouldn't have watched it and got what you deserved. "I'm not saying there isn't a place for solid intelligent , constructive criticism. But when's the last time you read a revew of something, a movie, a play, book, that gave you a real feel of what the author was trying to say? It's probably been a while, huh, because nowadays critics spiteful cranks heaping scorn on everything they see, the kind of poisoned-tongued cretin who refuses to review anything he enjoys because his praise mechanism was broken when his father wouldn't buy him an E-Z Bake oven for his tenth birthday." -DM
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Same film?
by: Coff1Up ()
Comment No. 4
11-Feb-2008, 09:46 GMT
I've seen the Jim Henson film LABYRINTH several times, and in reading this screenplay, I'm hard-pressed to find a single line that exists in common with the film. How many versions did this script go through before filming began? - This must be a very early one. And in my opinion, the final shooting script is much better than what I have just read.
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