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`Lost in Space´
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by: STRIDER ()
Comment No. 1
10-Jun-2004, 20:44 GMT
I liked the story of Lost in space, but I think that it needed more enthusiasim. This film/scrips needs more emotions happening at once. But overall It was good.
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You are no mere ranger
by: KIng Aragon
Comment No. 2
06-Apr-2005, 15:43 GMT
Strider you r heir to the throne of gondor. you will prevail and become king
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lost in space
by: Abhra ()
Comment No. 3
06-Oct-2010, 00:10 GMT
It is a big film, the actor of Friends was and is divine, the story was very interesting, so why did not world ever accepted it? It happened because film had no persons killed! Usually stupidity needs blood, not divine science fiction!
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`Lost in Space´

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