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`Matrix Reloaded, The´
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Really Reloaded??
by: Zelos ()
Comment No. 1
16-Apr-2004, 22:10 GMT
While reading and reformatting this screenplay I noticed that it differs from the movie I've seen in cinema in every way!

Is this an early draft? Am I nutty? Or did The Matrix simply reload once again?? ;-)
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by: AceFalcon ()
Comment No. 2
15-Jun-2004, 17:15 GMT
This is obviously nothing like the script they used for the actual movie, not even the general plot line bears much similarity. My question is, is this really an early draft written by the Wachowski brothers, or is it completely fake? Where did it come from?
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I know where
by: Otacon ()
Comment No. 3
22-Jun-2004, 15:08 GMT

This where I fond it first in 2001 so.
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by: Zulithe
Comment No. 4
23-Jul-2004, 19:46 GMT
Since this is obviously a fake script it should be removed.
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Remove this (fake) script?
by: Zelos ()
Comment No. 5
19-Aug-2004, 18:24 GMT
Is this really a fake script or kinda very early draft? Should it be removed or renamed? Maybe it's of any educational value... Please let me know!
Zelos (Admin Screenplays-Online.de)
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Matrix Reloaded, The
by: Johnny ()
Comment No. 6
19-Nov-2004, 00:40 GMT
Its a real script and its better than the one that was used in filming that piece of shit that came out two years ago. Anyone who thinks that movie was better then the script on this page should be removed. they wanted Keanu to play both roles and he didnt want to. thats why they wrote a new one.
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Caught up
by: Gregory ()
Comment No. 7
01-May-2005, 14:46 GMT
The Matrix is my favortie film and never fails to amaze me everytime I watch it but the sequels that follows were mediocre. They focused too much on the special effects and the philosphy that they totally forgot about character. Watching Reloaded and Revolutions you realize that if Matrix had just been left alone to the one film it probably would've been regarded with much higher esteem, but none the less Reloaded was only OK and it went downhill from there. The best scene in the screenplay or at least one of my favorites is when he becomes the One and the scene where Morpheous is walking down the street and talking while Neo is getting bumped into by people.
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Give us proof
by: Golem
Comment No. 8
07-Oct-2005, 08:37 GMT
Anyone who thinks this piece of rubbish is better than the released sequel doesn't 'get' the sequel. It is definately a fake - the biggest giveaway is that it's very different in written style to both the Matrix and Matrix Revolutions screenplays ('Squiddies' instead of 'Sentinels' in the non-dialogue directions? Come on.) And some of the stuff that happens in this fake make no sense against the philosophies and storylines of the first. I'd like to know what proof exists that the Wachowskis had any hand in this at all.
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by: Dersu
Comment No. 9
26-Feb-2006, 08:14 GMT
I have no idea if this screenplay was actually written by the Wachowskis or not. I know that I read it before the movie was released and have been looking for it ever since I saw the film in theatres. So now I've finally found it again. My question is to the person(s) who found and posted the screenplay. Do you have and/or are you planning to post a draft of "The Matrix Revolutions" that follows this "Reloaded" script? I've always wondered what "Revolutions" would have been like had it followed this story.
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I wrote this
by: kaiheitai ()
Comment No. 10
23-Jul-2006, 18:47 GMT
I wrote this script in about two days at work before 'Reloaded' came out. I wrote it because I was so anxious for the movie that I had to have something to tide me over. Also, I then posted it and tipped off some fanboy sites about the 'leak.' I wanted to see if people would buy into it. If anyone wants the 'Revolutions' that would follow this script, email me. If more than a few people want it, I'll crank one out.

-- Kai
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revolutions draft
by: trigg ()
Comment No. 11
02-Mar-2009, 09:21 GMT
i would LOVE to se what would happen in the alternate revolutions story, the alternate reloaded is way bettter i feel
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`Matrix Reloaded, The´

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