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`10 Things I Hate About You´
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by: TheHobbit ()
Comment No. 1
05-May-2004, 16:17 GMT
I think if I see another Julia Styles movie I will committ suicide
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by: Allen
Comment No. 2
21-Jul-2004, 21:36 GMT
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Anti-youth film?
by: Bill
Comment No. 3
16-Aug-2004, 23:12 GMT
Personally, I like Styles, but she has been in some crappy films. Thoughtful review of this film at http://www.geocities.com/hatredsucks/10things.html argues this film represents anti-youth attitudes.
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Really good...
by: Gregory ()
Comment No. 4
01-May-2005, 14:51 GMT
10 things I hate about you was exceptional and I'm not even into chick flicks. The film and screenplay just had so much spirit and energy that it was hard to look over. Very charming and a film that regard with high esteem.
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Being Annoyed
by: annoyed ()
Comment No. 5
25-Aug-2005, 17:20 GMT
Why is it that even though the internet is supposed to be a MASSIVE database, full of everything any person could want, I CAN'T FIND THE SCRIPT FOR BRIDGET JONES' DIARY? hey?
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by: shard head ()
Comment No. 6
09-Nov-2005, 22:41 GMT
I have never seen this film and it sounds like drama!!!!!!!!!!
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Ten Things I Hate About You
by: krizt ()
Comment No. 7
01-Mar-2006, 23:01 GMT
I have to admit that i am a major fan of this movie... It is so good, i am trying to find the screenplay so that myself and a freind can perform it as a duologue at the Taree Eistedford in Term 2!!!!!
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by: Just so you know,
Comment No. 8
07-Mar-2006, 01:49 GMT
If,you didn't like it, you have no class. Not even Julia Styles can fuck up Shakespeare (Taming of the Shrew anyone?).
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drama question
by: taming of the shrew ()
Comment No. 9
23-Jun-2006, 01:55 GMT
if anybody knows somewhere i can get a shakespearean duologue please tell me. i have a drama assignment due in 4 weeks which i haven't even started. in the assignment i have to do a shakespearean duologue with a partner but we dont know what to do and i can't find any on the internet! hence the internet is shit. we like the taming of the shrew but anything else would be just as good... coz other wise we will fail :) no pressure :P. so please if you have any way of helping me please email me, thanx.
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by: me
Comment No. 10
23-Jun-2006, 02:01 GMT
personally i liked 10 things i hate about you. i dont know if american schools are actually like that but if they are then... wow.
it was good 20th century version of taming of the shrew. if shakespeare was in this century when he wrote it i imagine it would have been much like that.
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by: Coursework ()
Comment No. 11
29-Jan-2008, 04:58 GMT
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I love this film
by: Tim ()
Comment No. 12
21-Feb-2008, 19:33 GMT
I agree, it's schmoltzy in places. And the bad kid (don't remember his name) cannot act. However, it is fun.

Regarding the script? I want to see the original show script, not this. I can watch the movie for this. And the person who transcribed this does not know proper screenplay format.
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The bad kid
by: heather ()
Comment No. 13
27-Feb-2008, 13:34 GMT
In the previous comment, the bad kid was not recognized and was perceived as a bad actor. His name was Heath Ledger and he was an excellent actor. That was his first major film, but he went on to act in others in which he really proved his talent. He played a homosexual (which in reality he was not) I'm sure you've heard of Brokeback Mountain. I thought he did a fantastic job in 10 Things I Hate About You. He made young girls fall in love with him. Also, he recently died and he was under 30. It is so tragic.
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10 things i hate about you
by: Stephanie ()
Comment No. 14
07-Apr-2008, 19:22 GMT
like this is an awesome film really! i just loved it
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10 things i hate about you
by: Justin
Comment No. 15
24-Nov-2009, 21:49 GMT
I hate this movie! it made me want to gouge my eyes out!
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I love heath
by: haushinka ()
Comment No. 16
09-Nov-2010, 20:59 GMT
I love love love this movie, even so heath is not present right now..I was really excited by the time this movie was on the movies...I don't care what the others think about heath and julia. for me they are amazing!!!!!!!!!!the best actors ever!!!!!!!
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by: Mihailo Sundic ()
Comment No. 17
02-Jan-2011, 00:47 GMT
Nice, can't complain about screenwriting style, but definitely not my type of movie.
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10things i hate about you
by: mich ()
Comment No. 18
29-May-2011, 12:39 GMT
i love this movie....really miss Heath Ledger.
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by: Kat Clar ()
Comment No. 19
19-Feb-2013, 06:57 GMT
I've just seen this great film. Not bad. Actors are good! But...are American schools the same like in this film?? I agree with author in this page 'me'. It's strange school and pupils
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10 things i hate
by: Tim ()
Comment No. 20
20-Mar-2013, 00:26 GMT
The movie could've been better.
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`10 Things I Hate About You´

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