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`Batman and Robin´
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Batman and Robin
by: bbdodds ()
Comment No. 1
05-Aug-2002, 01:02 GMT
this is the worst screenplay i have ever read. it's been a while since i saw the movie, but reading this crap brings all the bad memories back. every scene basically consists of god-awful, mind-numbingly stupid one-liners punctuated by the occasional punch or explosion. actually, if there were no dialogue, this movie/script would be a whole lot better (though, it's probably beyond saving at this point). in conclusion, it's so bad, i wouldn't feed it to my dog.
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stop it
by: drun ky d d d ()
Comment No. 2
02-Nov-2002, 19:40 GMT
i have seen this. it is a fantastic film. trust me, as a scolar in film, and devoted watcher of the medium, i can certainly without doubt say that this is THE SINGLE MOST IMPRESSIVE outting since charlie chaplins "the tramp". the director (i forget his name, michael schummacer i think. no, wait, david culthard i believe) is a genius. bring on your next project. the screenplay- c'est magnifique! bon. all of those who failed to see the under-pinning social context should be executed for missing the blinding obvious. though subtle to the layman, it is a marvel for those of us who appreciate being mentally challenged; and believe me, this film left me mentally challenged. its look at relationship - namely that of batman to robin - and portrayal of the so-called upper class elite of gotham is asouding. i love the comments and conclusions it draws upon, if your rich, expect conflict - in love, relationship, licra, fighting crime, and that sort of thing- and expect no means by which to elavate to a better situation. imagine if the same were to occur in dear old merry little london? by day he is the well spoken, well mannered prince of wales; by night, he is one part of a crime fighting duo called flower-chat man. he comes from the darkness with the awsome power of his voice, to lull plants, and us to death. his sidekick is ever ready to grapple villains at his side. he is twat-man (i'll leave it to your imagination to figure out which royal this is) as for anything else that i could possibly comment upon, well, i couldn't possibly comment
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Batman & Robin
by: Frances Yozawitz ()
Comment No. 3
01-Nov-2015, 21:55 GMT
I Love Batman & Robin
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Batman &Robin
by: Frances Yozawitz ()
Comment No. 4
08-Nov-2015, 21:56 GMT
Im a fan of Batman & Robin. Forever
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`Batman and Robin´

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