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`Big Lebowski, The´
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this movie
by: drunk movie buff ()
Comment No. 1
02-Nov-2002, 17:58 GMT
i haven't seen this movie, so i couldn't possibly comment
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by: lost am i in the drunken haven ()
Comment No. 2
02-Nov-2002, 19:53 GMT
yep, it has happened. i am pissed. i really shouldn't have started drinking at 12pm, i was thirsty. and anyroad, the cans were within arms reaching distance of the bog. people do tell me not to drink on the toilet. they percieve it to be quite vile and detestable. i am not a drunk, just subriety-challenged. i like the odd drink every now and then. particualry when i am celabrating religious events. i am a dayist. my god is the bueaty of every singly day of our lives. we treasure every moment, and every second of the day. life is too short, you must take note of this fact. our ceromonies take palce five times a day, and these are our religious events, of which we choose to get loaded. so treasure every day as if it were your last, join us and get loaded. come be merry and rat-arsed in the company of our Dayist Sect. their are chapters all over the world. i belong to the england chapter. our emblem is a triangle with a single beauty stricken eye placed in the heart of the triangle. we are found on the back of the american dolar. h-anyway, forget all your troubles; pack up that kit bag and join us in the praise of our lord, The Day, and come get drunk at the flapper and ferkin.
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by: Chris
Comment No. 3
12-Nov-2002, 22:50 GMT
You read the screenplay so yes you can comment. Just cause you didn't see the movie doesn't mean you can't comment on the screenplay dude uh what do you think a coverage is?
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This movie....
by: JoJo ()
Comment No. 4
10-Sep-2004, 02:43 GMT
is a complete work of genius...
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The Big Lebowski
by: Borat
Comment No. 5
04-Oct-2004, 23:30 GMT
The Big Lebowski is the greatest comedy film ever made. Though utterly hilarious at every moment, it has a complex, episodic plot in which our lazy, stoner protagonist is put into all sorts of testing situations in which he seems least likely to handle. In the end, however, Jeff Lebowski, or 'The Dude' makes it through with the help of friends, marijuana and 'White Russians.' The beauty of The Big Lebowski is that even though 'The Dude' is robbed twice, beat up three or four times he never complains or cries; why me? He is perfectly stoic and heroic in a very modern sense. He doesn't live for anyone but himself, and he only ecxerts himself to stay afloat, finding rent and food/bowling money. The only reason he goes through all the trouble is because he wants his rug back, it really tied the room together (and of course, he's worried their going to kill that poor woman)! In summary, not only is The Big Lebowski the greatest comedy film ever created, 'The Dude' is a hero for our time.
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by: Ali G
Comment No. 6
04-Oct-2004, 23:31 GMT
Borat is fuckin' genius! (hahahha this is Borat)
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The Big Lebowski
by: Ryan ()
Comment No. 7
21-Jan-2005, 03:11 GMT
do you mind if i do a j?
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The Big Lebowski
by: Lorenzo the Mutant
Comment No. 8
06-Mar-2005, 05:10 GMT
I was to young to get a lot of the movie when I first saw it. But, the second and third times brought to light the true spirit of the film. I would also like to applaud John Goodman for his excellent portrayal of a half-insane, rambling gun-nut veteran. Some of the most memorable quotes came straight from his ramblings. I could tell you more about this film, but... aw, fuck it, dude, let's go bowling.
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The Big Lebowski
by: Saf
Comment No. 9
25-May-2005, 20:08 GMT
This is one of my favourite films of all time; it's deffinitly in my top 5. Inspired and irreverent humour abound.
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by: Vanessa ()
Comment No. 10
07-Aug-2005, 04:42 GMT
In this screenplay, Bunnie's name is Gunderson, but I know that in the movie he says, "Knutson".

Am I wrong, here? (Walter style).
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Did I urinate on your rug?
by: James
Comment No. 11
11-Feb-2007, 23:58 GMT
"Nihilists? Fuck me,..say what you will about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it's an ethos..."
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best movie ever
by: drugo or the dude
Comment No. 12
15-Dec-2009, 03:04 GMT
i heard jeff bridges today talk about his carrer he was on a local ny radio show the dude is still the best he has made so many great films and his still not appreciated as he should n be
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The Big Lebowski
by: The Dude
Comment No. 13
11-Jan-2010, 20:51 GMT
This film is the greatest ever!
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freaking great
by: a jeff bridges fan
Comment No. 14
02-Jan-2011, 00:43 GMT
wow this movie is so great i love every frame of it
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Not funny
by: fuck you ()
Comment No. 15
02-Dec-2012, 00:33 GMT
Didn't laugh once.
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`Big Lebowski, The´

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