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`Blade Runner´
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yeah, this, whatever
by: drunk drunk drunk ()
Comment No. 1
02-Nov-2002, 19:18 GMT
i am going to get through all of these if it kills me. and who is bothering anyway? somhwere, out there, i know the time doing this calculates into the dollar sign lining the pockets of bureaucratic misfits in their dark dingy suits, smoking cigars and drinking the finest of musky champaign that power can buy. so just humour me and let me rant seemingly to myself. oh, the film. right, well. do i really to continue bearing in mind that you already know what i am going to say? that is to say, if you were really that sad enough, like myself to read through every single comment alphabetically? any, about the filum: yes you guessed it, i couldn't possible comment on the matter
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by: jo
Comment No. 2
15-Feb-2014, 06:51 GMT
So beautiful. Better than the book. Better than the movie.
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`Blade Runner´

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