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by: Silent Sight ()
Comment No. 1
06-Sep-2002, 20:31 GMT
What can i say? This screenplay and the film were great!
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by: TheHobbit ()
Comment No. 2
21-May-2004, 16:33 GMT
This screenplay is pure genius, the movie is even better. I'd say this is one of Roberts best
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by: Azul ()
Comment No. 3
25-Oct-2004, 22:18 GMT
A great film due in part to a great story adapated to a great screeplay directed by a great director!
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by: Sam B ()
Comment No. 4
08-Feb-2005, 23:17 GMT
Casino is such a great screenplay and a great movie, and is so underappreciated. It only got one Oscar nomination! Come on! And Martin Scorsese, he deserves an Oscar soooo much! Hopefully he will win one for the Aviator, or his next movie The Departed. You never know!
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Perhaps the Greatest
by: Provedogger ()
Comment No. 5
18-Oct-2005, 23:57 GMT
Martin Scorsese is perhaps the best director in the world. In my personal opinion, Casino is his greatest work, very closely followd by Taxi Driver, this film was very underappreciated and at the time was far better than anything around. The screenplay is absolutely ingenius.
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by: online roulette ()
Comment No. 6
09-Sep-2008, 09:16 GMT
I have this on DVD, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I couldn't take a toilet break, I was that hooked.! Highly recommended.
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