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`Crow, The´
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Great Work
by: The Hobbit ()
Comment No. 1
27-Apr-2004, 18:18 GMT
Really this script and movie is definetely a classic, I can't believe there are no comments yet. I can watch this movie again and again really good work Gentlemen.
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by: An Awesome Guy
Comment No. 2
25-May-2004, 18:19 GMT
This movie freaked me out the first time I saw it.
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by: liz ()
Comment No. 3
22-Mar-2005, 16:32 GMT
Soooooo amazing............i love this movie
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by: Gregory ()
Comment No. 4
01-May-2005, 14:41 GMT
The Crow at the time was one of the few comic book films that were done right because its been able to stand the test of time. It stays close to character and doesn't rely on visual effects. The Crow happens to be one of my favorite films and deserves any recognition that it can get. Watching it though makes me think of hos big Brandon Lee could've been had he lived. At least we can say that he did a great film before he died.
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by: Jecado
Comment No. 5
18-Jan-2007, 22:19 GMT
I thought the outline of the script would be different. It really was an easy flowing process. I love Eric's lines, They were metaphoric and poetic, People really disguise this movie as a Superhero which it isn't, It's all about Love and avenging those or maybe Forgiving the ones who are in doubt.
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`Crow, The´

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