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by: bbdodds ()
Comment No. 1
09-Aug-2002, 05:19 GMT
This screenplay is brilliant, a beautifully constructed narrative woven around a group of memorable and convincing characters, filled with just the right mixture of comedy and drama, of farce and drama. And yet, the film's defining genius lies in its banality, its stupid conversations, its dumb characters and settings, the triviality, mediocrity, flatness, and low IQ of the world it so flawlessly and effortlessly brings to life. Hands down a masterpiece of modern cinema (and pretty damn funny, too).
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by: Mia ()
Comment No. 2
21-Oct-2003, 15:35 GMT
This movie was so stupid. No one really cares about Canida anways.
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Comment No. 3
23-Feb-2004, 17:27 GMT
Greatest Film Ever Made
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by: magnificent ()
Comment No. 4
13-May-2004, 15:19 GMT
wrauuum. paralysyng. Jerry Lundegaard is my favourite character, because he is so predictible, and that means he is a real human! one of us. small, stupid and with a wide smile filled with giant teeth.

have you ever been in fargo, North Dakota?
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Great movie
by: Allen ()
Comment No. 5
07-Jul-2004, 20:04 GMT
one of the best movies i've seen in years. and for the moron who cannot spell "canada" towards the top, if you're not going to leave a constructive comment, dont bother. idiot
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Good Fuckin Movie
by: TwanDiggity ()
Comment No. 6
18-Aug-2004, 02:58 GMT
The movie is great. And I mean, I could understand if the A and the I on the keyboard were close together, misspelling Canada would be halfway acceptable, but they're like, eight or nine keys away from eachother. That definitely wasn't a typo. The dude is straight up retarded.
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by: Mr White
Comment No. 7
12-Oct-2004, 07:16 GMT
To True.
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by: shady
Comment No. 8
16-Feb-2005, 15:36 GMT
This movie didn't deserve a Oscar. It was slow and not very funny.
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Fargo, N.D., USA
by: Who likes Pixies? ()
Comment No. 9
23-Jun-2005, 22:22 GMT
The dialogue and story are both wonderful. The mild sarcasm and subtle nuances of speech ehhh, are too.
Deserved an Academy Award in my opinion.
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by: Steven Cole ()
Comment No. 10
13-Jun-2006, 11:45 GMT
cool site
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by: Barbara Harper ()
Comment No. 11
06-Oct-2006, 19:46 GMT
I own a copy as I have to watch it...often...I see something new each time..its just totally fab...superb
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by: kiwi ()
Comment No. 12
08-Jul-2012, 08:32 GMT
a class act. you americans should have the coens
running the country
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