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`From Dusk Til Dawn´
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I love this film
by: Damjan Kosutic ()
Comment No. 1
02-Jul-2003, 11:29 GMT
I seriously love this movie... it is so different than any other I saw...nice work guyz!!
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by: Travis ()
Comment No. 2
01-Dec-2003, 01:21 GMT
definetly a clever script. a little messy at the end, seemed like the writing kind of spun out of control. all in all a good script and film.
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From Dusk Til Dawn
by: Dirk ()
Comment No. 3
04-Jan-2004, 20:14 GMT
An outstanding example of cult screenwriting and movie making. It doesn't appeal to everyone (hence why it's a cult classic) and a lot of people I've spoken to about it claim the ending is crap. So I ask them "well where would you have taken it?" and they reply "er, don't know" nuff said!
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by: Bitch ()
Comment No. 4
15-Jan-2004, 16:24 GMT
Big fan of this movie. I think Tarantino just went for it with this one. I was pleasantly surprised with his performance too, it was quite convincing actually, he made my blood chill on a couple of occasions. Clooney really did transform himself with a cool and intense turn here though i do think Kietel may have been a little miscast.
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Love; All I can say.
by: Abby ()
Comment No. 5
18-Mar-2004, 01:03 GMT
This movie is not only action packed, it is funny. The writting, the storyline, the George ;x. I love it. Hehe. Thank goodness someone put the script up. - reads it again - xD
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A god amoung writers
by: The Hobbit ()
Comment No. 6
27-Apr-2004, 18:14 GMT
Terantino is a god amoung writers. I really enjoyed Tom Savini's Part in this movie too, it was a good idea to throw him in.
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by: AdamG ()
Comment No. 7
06-Aug-2004, 15:16 GMT
One word for you all: Insane.
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off the chain
by: shake that thing ()
Comment No. 8
21-Aug-2004, 01:47 GMT
When it all boils down only one thing stands your money was well spent!
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A cult classic?
by: Azul ()
Comment No. 9
25-Oct-2004, 22:27 GMT
Right. A cult classic means no one saw it 'cause it probably sucked like this flick!
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First part was good
by: Tim ()
Comment No. 10
21-Feb-2008, 19:51 GMT
Ok, the part before they get to the bar is really interesting. Then it all goes to shit. The whole vampire thing was from left field. Tarantino and Rodriguez shit on us all the time. Tarantino is a hack. Spit on him.
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Did anybody read this?
by: Abook
Comment No. 11
18-Feb-2009, 20:12 GMT
I'm sorry I'm new to this site, but I thought this was a scriptwriting community. I thought I could get away FROM comments like this. Talking about scripts, discussing the issues and successes and how they may be helped is a community. Helping each other battle with an artistic medium, massaging beats and conflict points by discussing the professionals. Maybe I'm wrong but bashing screenwriters, actors and directors doesn't seem to fit this style of website. Opinions are one thing, but "Tarantino is a hack. Spit on him." C'mon guys.
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`From Dusk Til Dawn´

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