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`Abyss, The´
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this film!
by: drunken disorientated filum buff ()
Comment No. 1
02-Nov-2002, 18:05 GMT
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this fil, for the last time!
by: drunken disorderly filum buff (who pressed return earlier by mistake) ()
Comment No. 2
02-Nov-2002, 18:10 GMT
i have seen this film. however, one was very rat-arsed at the time (to my american, or non-cockney friends: RAT ARSED: DRUNK), and remember excruciatingly little to nothing about the film. except a big blue jelly fish looking object which was emersed in the depths of the sea. Hang on, that might have been an episode of the muppets. So i remember nothing. in which case, i couldn't possibly comment.
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A Masterpeice!
by: Everth, Jr ()
Comment No. 3
19-Oct-2004, 12:00 GMT
If 2001: A odyssey, overwhelmed your imagination, The Abyss will exhilarate your senses. James Cameron is in deed, a gifted writer. His shire desire for propelling the use of CG, and film technology, has become this generations new wave form.
This picture will inlight, overwhelm, and explode the imagination. I hope it does wonders.......ENJOY!
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The Abyss: Greatest Sci Fi film ever made?
by: John Baker ()
Comment No. 4
06-Feb-2005, 01:43 GMT
When I first saw The Abyss, I put it immediately at the top of my list of greatest sci fi films. Though t now shares that spot with the movie Contact, it is certainly one to be seen again and again, not only for its ground breaking special effects, but for its reservoir of mythological themes and the gritty realism with which they are played out. As very few movies do successfully, The Abyss couples myth with psychological realism, weaving together a specular backdrop and a truly moving foreground story.
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by: wlz ()
Comment No. 5
06-Feb-2013, 23:52 GMT
Good Lord, but this was a painfully long screenplay!
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`Abyss, The´

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