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`Get Shorty´
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by: Don ()
Comment No. 1
30-Jan-2004, 17:29 GMT
The best! Transitions are unbelieveable.
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Height of coolness
by: Sandeep Mohan ()
Comment No. 2
08-Aug-2006, 09:28 GMT
Brilliant film with a wonderful sense of humor! Ultra cool wit and style makes this movie work at so many levels...must watch and must read i feel
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Bomber Briefs
by: Sandeep Mohan ()
Comment No. 3
16-Aug-2007, 16:49 GMT
Get Shorty is one film that I have watched countless times, and it still manages to surprise me with its wit and smartness...I have recently written and directed a HDV short film called Bomber Briefs. To know more, you are invited to visit www.myspace.com/bomberbriefs. Thanks
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`Get Shorty´

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