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Comment No. 1
08-Nov-2003, 00:03 GMT
Angelina looked alot like spok wouldnt you say. other than that the movie was good
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by: Nikole
Comment No. 2
19-May-2004, 00:29 GMT
The concept of this film was great. I was loving every minute of it. Wonderfully written script.
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by: ross ()
Comment No. 3
05-Oct-2004, 14:31 GMT
The movie was great and easy to follow for someone who does not know anything about hacking.
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Good Movie
by: Parker ()
Comment No. 4
27-Oct-2004, 21:16 GMT
This is a great movie and i agree with ross for someone that does not know a lot about computer i could still follow the movie. and thought that every one did a good job for being new actors. but if you want to see a good movie with the guy who plays Dade watch Trainspotting very good movie and a great story
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Brings me back to 96
by: Fizzler ()
Comment No. 5
05-Sep-2012, 02:59 GMT
I enjoyed watching and following the script at the same time! This was the first time a did this. Cool movie!
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