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this bloody film
by: drunk film buff, getting a bit to sloshed ()
Comment No. 1
02-Nov-2002, 18:16 GMT
i have seen this film, that i am sure of. my memory is not fully equiped, nor is it the most reliable, however it does serve well in dwindling back as far as last tuesday when i had decided to give the alien dvd a wirl in me spinning disc contraption. i remember vividly the curry which was placed on my lap at the time. it was a beautiful curry, and oh how i miss it so, darn it. to be honest, i think the feelings gained from the experience revolved around a mutual gratification between myself and the curry. i had named the curry Ginger Spice. gerit? ginger spice? no? never mind. anyway, ginger and i are set for another date next week. she has a wonderful after-taste. Oh, as for the film, i couldn't possibly comment.
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by: Sergio
Comment No. 2
16-Jul-2003, 22:54 GMT
Maybe this is an allegorical microcosm of the magic realism which is reality and existence, you think? I'll ask Ripley.
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by: drunk film buff returs with more irelevent banter ()
Comment No. 3
30-Jan-2004, 13:36 GMT
whatever sister
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by: TheHobbit ()
Comment No. 4
21-May-2004, 16:30 GMT
I got another hot summer flick Segorney(sp) VS. Jason, the bitch never dies
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shut up
by: Allen
Comment No. 5
21-Jul-2004, 21:40 GMT
shut up, TheHobbit. you piss me off
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off tha chain
by: c-luv ()
Comment No. 6
16-Aug-2004, 19:37 GMT
alien was a good movie man,for real. u don't see alotta sci-fi's like this anymore,oh yeah sehorny weaver still from alien one all the way to ressurrection.
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by: Lamb ()
Comment No. 7
08-Sep-2004, 11:22 GMT
Learn how to spell "Sigourney" you dumb-asses!
I agree that it's a damn fine film though.
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me so horny
by: LizardKing ()
Comment No. 8
21-Nov-2004, 01:00 GMT
Haha, I assume c-luv was making a joke. After I saw the scene where she was changing her spacesuit in preperation to blow the alien out of the airlock I re-named her Sohorny Beaver. Other than her fine-ass tighty whities, I'd have to say the Alien series is one of the best in the sci-fi genre. In Alien, the chilling confines of space is ingenius and terrifyingly ambient. A perfect sci-fi horror.
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