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`Jackie Brown´
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Jackie Brown
by: nikkicarro2k ()
Comment No. 1
01-Sep-2003, 20:28 GMT
I love this screenplay. Excellent!
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Jackie Brown
by: Dillontino
Comment No. 2
27-Oct-2003, 00:54 GMT
Jackie Brown is a great screenplay! although it owes a lot to the writer 'Elmore Leonard' so if you like this check out 'Rum Punch' Tarantino just pefected it!
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by: The so-called Negro
Comment No. 3
05-Jul-2004, 19:50 GMT
It's a shame that Jackie Brown receives such little acclaim from mass audiences, but I believe it to be just as vibrant and real as Tarantino's other films, Pulp Fiction included.
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Tarantino = God Of Cinema
by: ReservoirDog ()
Comment No. 4
03-Apr-2005, 16:50 GMT
How can a movie this good be treated so badly. I know oscars nominations mean shit but only one for Robert Forester. What the fuck?! I'm still stewing about Pulp Fiction loosing to Forrest Gump but surley a best actress oscar nom should have been in store for Pam Grier. And what about Sam Jackson and Bridget Fonda. This is the perfect example that the accademy have their heads up their arses and need to start noticing talent like Tarantino, Scorsese and Fincher when they see it. Cunts.
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`Jackie Brown´

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