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`Jurassic Park´
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by: John ()
Comment No. 1
02-Jun-2004, 02:34 GMT
It was fun!
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by: kayozz ()
Comment No. 2
01-Jul-2004, 19:57 GMT
Being quite young when this came out i was hooked on the franchise because of the film. I loved the feeling of being trapped in the kitchens with the velociraptors, i hadn't felt that tension before. The T-rex paddock was also very good, electric fences in front - t-rex behind?
scary (at the time)...

good cheerful fun, special fx bonanza and it made its money....
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Not as good as the book
by: Lamb
Comment No. 3
08-Sep-2004, 11:16 GMT
Jurassic Park the film is a bit of a let down if you're a fan of Michael Crichtons writing. You just don't get as much scientific detail in the film. Reading the novel makes you think it plausible but the film is just a good plot and sfx. Good film and screenplay but I still prefer the book!
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Not Nearly As Good As The Book
by: Matthew Jones ()
Comment No. 4
17-Jan-2005, 11:00 GMT
The book had WAY more dinosaur species (most of which were put to use in the sequels), and a lot more action. I did, however, love the movie; I saw it 9 times in the theater alone and wore out my first copy of the tape! I loved the character of Muldoon so much I was him for Halloween that year! (Alas, Bob Peck (the actor who played Muldoon in the film) is no longer with us; he died in 1999.) Maybe they'll consent to having a nephew or a son come for the 4th movie to avenge Robert's death by the raptors???
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`Jurassic Park´

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