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`Meet Joe Black´
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loved it
by: bunch ()
Comment No. 1
09-Jun-2003, 22:26 GMT
I don't find too many movies that really stick in my head like this one has, It was well thought out well written and I have no problem giving it 2 thumbs up !!
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by: Mia ()
Comment No. 2
09-Oct-2003, 19:14 GMT
I love you Brad! You'r the hottest guy in the world! I love you!
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A deep and decent film.
by: Ben Ziegler ()
Comment No. 3
15-Jan-2004, 15:59 GMT
Not bad, not bad at all, a little too sentimental in places, a little corny too, but i enjoyed this one. The script is enigmatic and closely observed. The film is better however, with Pitt and Hopkins giving superb performances. This was the film that really got me realises that Brad Pitt is a very talented actor. And what can you say about Claire Forlani, i fell in love with this woman after seeing her here. Her eyes are bewitching. The opening ranks as one of the most shocking and effective scenes i've ever seen and the score is wonderfully dramatic and perfectly composed.
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by: Baddoo ()
Comment No. 4
12-Jul-2004, 00:00 GMT
I was very young when I seen this film, but it still spoke to me in a way that most films can't. I found it to be truly moving and I just love Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins together( remeber Legends of the Fall). i have never seen two actors light up a screen the way these two do. This film is truly brilliant and the story is well thought out. It is long, but thats what a like about it. When a movie is this good, you don't want it to end.
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by: Freedreamer ()
Comment No. 5
08-Dec-2004, 22:36 GMT
The script was excellant. Very clear and well thought out.
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by: tim ()
Comment No. 6
24-Dec-2004, 05:07 GMT
the ending in this film is what i hoped for as an audience member, but it did not fit the rest of the script, which was clever and wonderfully writtten; what a disappointment.
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A Favorite
by: Firefly ()
Comment No. 7
12-Mar-2005, 22:47 GMT
What I find very interesting about this site, is how many people agree with me. This film ranks in my Top 20, yet it did horribly at the box office, was stomped to dust by critics, and I understand it was an embarrassment to Mr. Pitt, who still blushes red whenever it is mentioned. You shouldn't, Brad. How many actors can boast so many ECU's at the peak of their physical beauty?
This film is one I have watched at least 30 times, and each time, I come away with more.
Tim, (Mr. Stay Puff above, which I assume means he smokes lots of grass), watch it again. Several times, if necessary. The ending is what I find MOST satisfying.
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No offence intended, but this was a piece of dog crap
by: Tim ()
Comment No. 8
21-Feb-2008, 19:48 GMT
The is based on a film from the 30's called "Death Takes a Holiday." That is an interesting film. MJB is a piece of shit.

It's HORRIBLY acted, written, directed. Nothing in this film was worth watching. It was boring. My freind, a film critic, in the middle of the screening, stood up and said, "This sucks!"

Here's one issue: Death has been watching us for all time. But when he gets to eat, he has no idea what a spoon is. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

Take out Death Takes a Holiday. That was much better.
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Very nice
by: kutu
Comment No. 9
07-Apr-2008, 16:57 GMT
Google is the god
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meet joe black d' bezt
by: lady mae ()
Comment No. 10
29-Sep-2008, 11:52 GMT
♥its very nice,our instructor, instructed us to make a project about this movie......it's d' bezrt♥
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"Meet Joe Black"
by: Catherine Jennifer Morale ()
Comment No. 11
26-Oct-2010, 18:21 GMT
The poster who depicted "Meet Joe Black" as having been"Dog-Crap",should eat his/her words as they are devoid of imagination,spiriruality,that means "enlightenment lacking,therefor we should dismiss this depiction from the moronic ass who refered to a dog's crap meanwhile the smell comes comes from the "Crap",this shallow fool knows plenty about! Don't even think of talking about Death Takes A Holiday" you gotta be kidding,you know nothing re: adaptations,to begin with,so you have no business even discussing the movies,,when you can write such a screenplay let us know,until then "clean-Up" your own Crap
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What a great script
by: olivier ()
Comment No. 12
25-Mar-2013, 02:29 GMT
I saw the film long ago. Just re-read the script. I was on the edge of myself the entire lecture, completely taken, absorbed by this complete fantasy, as if it was happening for real. What made this possible? The writing is excellent for one, the humor is subtle, the memory of these fantastic actors also helped. Most a fantastic story on a great theme!
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`Meet Joe Black´

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