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`My best Friend's Wedding´
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by: judy
Comment No. 1
27-Aug-2003, 01:40 GMT
best screenplay. It surprised everyone. it was finally something that wasn't normal. The main character didn't end up the one getting and winning everything.
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Ron Bass
by: Julie ()
Comment No. 2
30-Jan-2004, 22:29 GMT
Ron Bass is my favorite screenwriter of all time. His dialogue and story lines are always crisp, orginial and realistic. He's my hero.
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If I wanted too
by: The Hobbit ()
Comment No. 3
27-Apr-2004, 18:12 GMT
If I ever want to sleep I'll pop this stupid ass movie in.
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great movie
by: haim
Comment No. 4
25-Aug-2005, 19:15 GMT
great movie. saw it just recently, and ever since i keep thinking of it. so funny and so sad...
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Hobbits' a dumbass
by: outlaw ()
Comment No. 5
22-Sep-2009, 17:33 GMT
why even comment if you have nothing nice to say, didn't your mama show you Bambi?! its obviously not a genre of movie for you, that doesn't make it a snoozer. Next time you get that undeniable urge to pop it in for your bedtime story, fight it and listen to some Norah Jones instead.
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Hobbits' a dumbass
by: outlaw ()
Comment No. 6
22-Sep-2009, 17:34 GMT
ps. refreshingly brilliant screenplay
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`My best Friend's Wedding´

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