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`Alien 3´
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this dam film
by: drunk again ()
Comment No. 1
02-Nov-2002, 18:28 GMT
seriously, as a film buff, i'm not doing too well. i don't recall this film neither. am i really in touch with the cinematic culture? can i call myself a film buff? that's it, pass me a gun. there is no poin in living, i have lost touch. the whole hollywood thing is enigmatic to me. and not in a good way. at least, i think that this is what aliens3 is about. as for what i thought of it, i couldn't possibly comment
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by: The Hobbit ()
Comment No. 2
29-Apr-2004, 15:08 GMT
Shes back, Shes toughter but the movie still sucks. The First Alien was incrediable even the second one was good but christ did they need to make this one. Alien resurrection was even worse then this one.
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Your Wrong
by: The Hobbit2 ()
Comment No. 3
12-May-2004, 14:42 GMT
this movie was never made
it is an "Unused Script"
and much better than the one they used.
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aint the best one
by: c-luv ()
Comment No. 4
16-Aug-2004, 19:42 GMT
i will admit this aliens aint the best aliens made but ressurrection go hard in the paint man.hobbit u trippin, the way they brought segourny back to life through clonin her molecules and the aliens together was off the hook!! segourny kinda turned me on wit all that tough girl shit.
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tough bitches are hot
by: LizardKing ()
Comment No. 5
21-Nov-2004, 01:21 GMT
Alien: Ingenius in every aspect.
Aliens: One of the most hardcore kick-ass sequels ever made. Brilliantly done.
Alien 3: Not as good as the first two, but it still had that "this terrifying evil has my back against the wall" horror feel. Decent.
Alien Resurrection: Horrible hollywood cliched bullshit. Bad acting, even worse dialogue. Special effects were cool, but thats it. But yeah, her tough girl tude was hot.
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by: Jim
Comment No. 6
17-Mar-2008, 09:10 GMT
Some real UFO Pictures this is why these movies get made!
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`Alien 3´

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