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`Natural Born Killers´
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good screenplay, bad movie
by: Eric ()
Comment No. 1
27-Jun-2003, 21:41 GMT
this is a great screenplay, too bad they had to screw the movie up!
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Once Again The Original!
by: Dillontino
Comment No. 2
27-Oct-2003, 01:06 GMT
I gotta give it to screenplays-online, you know a good *ORIGINAL* script!
(anyone think Q.T & Uma should make this with them 2 playin the leads?)
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by: The Hobbit ()
Comment No. 3
29-Apr-2004, 15:06 GMT
I don't really know how He does it..
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Terantino Does it again
by: Parker ()
Comment No. 4
27-Oct-2004, 19:35 GMT
This is a great movie and an even better screenplay and that is because anything that you put Terantino's name on turns to gold. the only thing is that Oliver Stone should not have been the director Tarantino should have done it. the movie would have been better all around. though i do give Stone credit for taking a Tarentino idea and making it as good as it was.
great movie and it is a must in ever movie guys collection even more so if you are a Tarentino fan
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Quentin tarantino
by: Shakejake ()
Comment No. 5
24-Jan-2009, 08:55 GMT
Quality screenplay. Great opening scene. Film was mediocre although original and creatively shot. Tarantino hasnt done anything different from his first day shooting until the current day. Always same style, although i like his work and consider him to have been a ground breaking director, i would like to a see a more evolved quentin tarantino. A genius none the less.
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`Natural Born Killers´

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