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Platoon Screenplay
by: kenglo ()
Comment No. 1
20-Mar-2003, 19:01 GMT
I know for a fact this is not the original screen play, as in the opening scene where the 'VETERANS' are walking by and they say their lines, it was in the movie, yes, but it was ad libbed on the spot with Capt. Dale Dye, military advisor. I know this because I had the first line, 'Well I'll be dipped in shit....new meat!'. Not to bag on you guys, because the screenplays are very well done. Who writes them all for you?
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by: The Hobbit ()
Comment No. 2
29-Apr-2004, 15:11 GMT
This is up there with Full Metal Jacket, not as good not by far but it's a great fuckin' war movie.
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by: Tarbash ()
Comment No. 3
25-Apr-2005, 03:29 GMT
Platoon was the first real movie I ever saw and I've seen it a zillion times since. Even as a kid I knew there was a stigma about the Vietnam War but Platoon put it in context for me. It captures the fear, the heat, the animosity, the sadness and the thrill of it all. My favorite scene is where the grunts are smoking dope and dancing around in their hootch to Smokey Robinson's 'Tracks Of My Tears'.

Flaws: Compared to something like Private Ryan or even its predecessor Apocalypse Now the special effects are shitty but with a budget of only $6 million I guess we can forgive them for that and both John C. McGinley (Sgt O'Neill) and Francesco Quinn (Rhah) overact chronically throughout the film.

For me the best acting performances in the film are by Reggie Johnson as the craven, whining Junior and Kevin Dillon as the raping, murdering Bunny although Keith David was excellent as the worldly-wise but thoroughly uneducated machine-gunner King.

The choice of Charlie Sheen as the Chris Taylor character is interesting as his role parallels that of his dad as CaptainWillard in Apocalypse Now - a haunted observer trying to comprehend what is going on around him. There are other parallels also - Sgt Elias (Willem Dafoe) and Sgt Barnes (Tom Berenger) represent the good and evil sides of Brando's Colonel Kurtz while King and Francis (Corey Clover) represent Captain Willard's fellow travellers Chief and Mr Clean - both of whom are black. Bunny's rampage through the village is also like that of Robert Duvall's Colonel Kilgore. There is also the presence of "Charlie" throughout the film - "dug in too deep or moving too fast" to quote Captain Willard.

Also important to the film is Oliver Stone's personal experience as a soldier in Vietnam. I read recently that the night battle at the end is based on the real NVA attack on Firebase Burt near the Cambodian border in late 1967. Another fictional account of this attack appears in Larry Heinemann's Vietnam War novel Close Quarters.

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comparisson: Full Metal Jacket-Platoon-Apocolypse Now
by: Jawn Bouy (pen name) ()
Comment No. 4
01-Dec-2008, 00:05 GMT
i am writing a critique comparing Full Metal jacket, Platoon and Apocolypse Now as they are all interlinked into a sub genre: War-Viet Nam-1st person diarist-on a journey-with a conclusive denouement. i should be complete with it by 2009. it will clearly show just how weak Oliver Stone is in all aspects of movie making. HOWEVER...his movies ARE entertaining, and they sell, hence his technical weakness' are overlooked. It's all about money baby. Full metal jacket was written by a combat correspondent and backed my a master of light and shadow (Kubric) and had technical advice doled out by R Lee Ermy, a recipe for realism. Apocolypse now has a very polished screen writer with an acomplished director, another recipe for sucess. Wait a month email a request for a copy of my critique and i would be more than happy to oblige. By the way i write well but spell like s--t
Jawn Bouy
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Comparisson: Full Metal Jacket, Platoon and Full Metal Jacket
by: Jawn Bouy aka John 714 Cook ()
Comment No. 5
17-Sep-2009, 06:33 GMT
The long awaited critique is now available. It is a text format on You Tube that allows you to scroll and freeze so that the content can be fit into the small 10 minute format. Don't forget to use the pause button frequently. It is a little over 1100 words (about a 20 minute read). A very long read for You Tube. The channel is my personal channel and can be referenced by entering MRJB714 on the search box and pulling up 'Trident critique'. Find also posted an exponential leap in the theory or Neuro Linguistics. I have stumbled upon the missing link of Data that makes the theory of Neuro Linguistics complete and it does not plagiarize the work of Orwell, but rather puts forth a second and inescapable conponent of this very inexact science. I hope you enjoy. Thanks to all my fans,
Jawn Bouy: the thinker.
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Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, Apocolypse Now Critique
by: jawn bouy ()
Comment No. 6
24-Sep-2009, 04:58 GMT
OK, I decided not to 'water down' my critique. It is kinda long at 2506 words, but worth the read. You can check it out on you tube channels kooc417nhoj or MRJB714, or just type in jawn bouy on the you tube search bar and scroll thru my vids. Hmmm, what should I work on next?
Jawn Bouy: the writer
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