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`Pulp Fiction´
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by: Eric ()
Comment No. 1
27-Jun-2003, 21:54 GMT
Tarantino is the MAN!!! ANOTHER GREAT SCRIPT!
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by: chula
Comment No. 2
27-Jul-2003, 22:52 GMT
i think we all owe alot to quintin. making history n all.
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by: firenze ()
Comment No. 3
10-Oct-2003, 23:18 GMT
the movie...........bomba
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by: Dillontino
Comment No. 4
27-Oct-2003, 01:11 GMT
Hmm, This Is a Tasty Script!
Everone's alway's sayin Q.T steals other peoples ideas, but where have you heard dilogue like this before!
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by: mr.d ()
Comment No. 5
22-Mar-2004, 18:56 GMT
i think tarantino did a hell of a job and to the fullest origanal.,but if the movie did the regular act I,II,III it would be just another movie!!!!!!!!!
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by: fil ()
Comment No. 6
02-Apr-2004, 01:55 GMT
I can describe Mr. Tarantino in one word: GENIUS. Can't wait to see another Quentin film.
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the next Q
by: DC Smith ()
Comment No. 7
16-Apr-2004, 22:12 GMT
I am the next great screen writer.
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RE: the next Q
by: Zelos ()
Comment No. 8
16-Apr-2004, 22:32 GMT
Hey DC Smith. :)
Check out this: Announce, discuss and promote your screenplays here: Screenwriters' Corner
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Too Damn good.
by: The Hobbit ()
Comment No. 9
29-Apr-2004, 15:13 GMT
How the hell does Terantino do it?!?! I just don't understand how he can be this damn creative. Terantino is definetely the best Writer and director in hollywood.
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His work is great, but..
by: None
Comment No. 10
27-Jun-2004, 09:42 GMT
I can't believe every one on this site is sucking Quentin's d**k so much! His latest work was nothing but a rip off, or "homage" to the spagetti western, samurai films, and blaxploitation films. Kill Bill 1 & 2 are little more than well done B films.
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The hobbit is gay
by: The so-called Negro
Comment No. 11
04-Jul-2004, 19:27 GMT
You guys give Tarantino so much credit yet you can't even spell his fucking name. Get it right.
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Read a Book
by: U GUYS SUCK ecept Negro ()
Comment No. 12
07-Jul-2004, 07:26 GMT
TARANTINO wrote Natural Born Killers, True Romance, Dusk till Dawn, RESERVOIR DOGS, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, The MAN from Hollywood, The Rock, and KILL BILL, If Kill Bill is "A well done B film" then Star Wars is "A well done SciFi". It is not a "Homage" it is a stand alone story with a fuck load of "allusions" to other films that the viewer need not know exist, but can be appreciated either way.
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by: AdamG ()
Comment No. 13
06-Aug-2004, 15:15 GMT
For all those pussies out there who just believe we're sucking Tarantino's dick, I would like to give a big fuck you. Either you didn't understand it, it was too smart for you, or you are simply little more than a severely retarded child (no offence to the retards out there, though). This is dialogue at its finest, with excellent creative energy put into what could potentially have been just another straight-up crime movie.
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I F***** Agree
by: SuperG
Comment No. 14
07-Aug-2004, 00:45 GMT
I really fuckin agree with AdamG.We ARE NOT just suckin tarantino's D. He makes amazing movies. Not only does he write, he directs and produces. He used to work in a fuckin video store and look where he is now. I bet you asses out there muckin' him have half ass jobs and still jack off to Sports Illustrated Suimsuit Editions. Plus Kill Bill is only like those spagetti westerns and samuri movies because those are the movies he really watched at his time in the "movies store business". PEACE
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Blah Blah Blah
by: TwanDiggity ()
Comment No. 15
12-Aug-2004, 04:45 GMT
Best movie ever...Pulp Fiction by far takes the cake for best movie of all time...Tarantino is a genuinely a good guy too...I mean, I wrote dude a letter when I was 14 years old and he wrote back...Sent me a picture of him from "From Dusk Till Dawn" with a message written on it that read, "Dear Anthony, You are one my biggest fans...I'm glad you dug Four Rooms so much...Good luck on your writing and write me any time...Love QT...P.S. I enclosed a prop from my new flick." Fucked up thing was, that prop was a pen from "Jackie Brown" It was the Cherry Bail Bonds pen...Don't believe me if you don't want to but this story is 100% true...
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by: Mr. White
Comment No. 16
28-Sep-2004, 00:59 GMT
Howdy there Tarantino fans,
Firstly I would just like to say that this screenplay is classic,Its filled with creative and original stories,interesting characters and dialoge that is natural and laugh your ass of funny.Tarantino is easily Hollywoods best writer/director (with his only dissapointment being the snooze fest "Four Rooms")And Pulp Fiction is by far his best screenplay and remains a classic of modern filmaking.I would also like to agree that nobody is sucking QT's dick.
Anyway the real reason i wrote this comment is a question i have with one of the previous posts.When "YOU GUYS SUCK ecept negro" Was listing the films that Tarantino had written he stated that QT had written "The Rock" Now as far as i know The Rock's (I guess u mean the Nic Cage version)Screenplay was written by David Weisberg, Douglas S. Cook, Mark Rosner and Aaron Sorkin. Maybe u mean a different "The Rock" that I havent seen or heard of or maybe it was just a small mistake on your part, So Mr.YOU GUYS SUCK ecept negro, Could u shedd some light on the subject? Yours Sinserly,
Mr. White.

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cool !!
by: The Black Mamba
Comment No. 17
29-Sep-2004, 11:05 GMT
yay this is brilliant ive been trying to find it for ageesss
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by: bp
Comment No. 18
05-Oct-2004, 22:44 GMT
It is also wrong to say he "wrote" Jackie Brown. Jackie Brown's screenplay was written by Quintin, however it's based on a book by Elmore Leonard. Yes, it's obvious by the dialogue that Quintin had a huge influence on the film and the the success as well. I mean look at Elmore Leonards other books that were movies, Out of Sight, The Big Bounce, etc. Not nearly as good. Face it, Tarantino is a master. Nobody is sucking his dick. And I could be wrong but a lot of those you listed weren't written by him but directed. On Kill Bill it says the fourth film by Tarantino. That's Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill 1 and 2. That's what he's written himself. He's been a part of many successful projects though. I could be getting into the minutia here but I think there's a big difference.
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by: Mr White
Comment No. 19
12-Oct-2004, 07:00 GMT
WELL ALLOW ME TO RETORT:You are right in saying that Tarantino based Jakie Brown's story around Elmore Leonards novel however he did write the movie and was probably influenced at the most by the story as he drasticly changes the characters etc.Also if you look at the opening titals or closing credits you will notice it says "Written and Directed by Quentin Tarantino"
And in the begining of Kill Bill Volume 1 it does say the forth film BY Quentin Tarantino thats because it is his 4th film before that he had done Reservoir Dogs,Pulp Fiction and JACKIE BROWN.Thats three films and Kill Bill volume 1 was to be his 4th film.Kill Bill volume 2 his 5th.JACKIE BROWN IS A FILM BY QUENTIN TARANTINO!
I rest my case.
Yours sinserly,
Mr White.
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by: Richard ()
Comment No. 20
12-Nov-2004, 11:51 GMT
I like his films, but i'm ashamed. But then again i do like the look of naked boys...
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Rich you peado
by: Tom
Comment No. 21
19-Nov-2004, 18:23 GMT
i'm ashamed, of your disgraceful comments towards young boys and black people, and about the stuff you said about jews,who are you, the ghost of Hitler? I'm gonna hunt you down and ram a pineapple up your ass!
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by: bonaroo
Comment No. 22
01-Feb-2005, 22:51 GMT
the nerve of some of you dumbasses! Quentin is one of the most influential and most copied artists in the movie industry. all of his films are distinctly his, not the industrialized rip off pieces of shit that dominate hollywood today, and i really pity those who don't see it.
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by: Firefly ()
Comment No. 23
12-Mar-2005, 21:56 GMT
I'd like to get back to commenting ON THE FILM if nobody minds. Geez!
This movie 'turned me on' like no film I've ever seen, and in analyzing it, I see it's because it was made the same way I read a paperback book I don't really want to read all that much. I open it here and there. Read a bit, and put it down for weeks, only to pick it up later, and do the same thing, until I finally have the gist of the story, read the ending, and never pick it up again.
Maybe it's because I have a really bad case of Adult ADHD. Maybe it's because of the underlying theme of Christianity, so misplaced in a film where someone's brains "accidently" get blown apart, and the only concern is how the blood messed up the car.
All I know is, after seeing this film, I got a copy of the DVD, and layed on the floor in my family room, storyboarding the entire thing until I could put all the pieces together in the right order. (Did any of the rest of you ever do that to it?)
It's one of my favorite films of all time, even though I've only actually seen it twice. I don't have to watch again for nuance. It's in there.
I also loved the kangaroo. I even owned one for many years, but finally sold it on ebay.
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Tarantino = hack
by: I Just Cockslapped Tarantino
Comment No. 24
21-Mar-2005, 15:36 GMT
You people make me sick. Stop calling Tarantino a genius (well, you could start by spelling his name right, too). Stop retroactively inserting meaning into his films where there never was any. I don't even like this film and I know it better than you folks; calling the movie "Pulp Fiction" is the same as admitting that it's simply entertaining garbage--nothing more, nothing less. That's what Pulp fiction is, people.
"Reservoir Dogs" was the only decent thing Tarantino ever did, but it was Harvey Keitel that carried it anyway, not Tarantino's directing. But even that film featured cheap thrills that all of his other films have: excessive, glorified violence, an almost comical amount of swearing, and cheap rip-offs of specific genre methods. I'm no puritan; I don't mind violence and swearing, but Tarantino overcompensates for his lack of talent by overusing these techniques so much so that he makes them boring. Way to go: that's true "genius."
It's not his fault, though: it's your fault. He'll just keep making cheap, shitty movies as long as you go see them like the cattle you are. So it's all good: he keeps stealing your cash and you get to keep enjoying crap. All the while, the art of film slowly dies...
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by: Coolness Interactive
Comment No. 25
05-Apr-2005, 19:11 GMT
Pulp Fiction is a great film for all the streets of compton and you know it. Me and my homies will busta cap in your ass if you dont agree FOOL
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by: Spaz
Comment No. 26
15-Apr-2005, 02:19 GMT
Believe it or not, I've never actually WATCHED a Quentin Tarantino film. However, after reading this, I am amazed. It seems like something a high school kid would concoct, with the devastating bullets, and Bruce Willis (Butch) with a samurai sword. But, mixed with the dark humor and the amazingly bee-line dialogue, it doesn't get much better.

QUESTIONS: Why was Vincent at Butch's house? What is in the briefcase?
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What IS in the briefcase?
by: Bigblued
Comment No. 27
30-Apr-2005, 11:36 GMT
Vincent was at Butch's house to kill him.

I've heard that what is in the briefcase was a soul or something. I dunno.
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Comment No. 28
30-Apr-2005, 16:13 GMT
I think its obvious that it was gold in the briefcase.But i could be wrong
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We don't know, that's the point.
by: Rhi
Comment No. 29
02-May-2005, 19:41 GMT
He deliberately never shows us. To force us to focus on Samuel and Travolta instead and realize that the story is about the characters. You don't need to know what's in the briefcase, to understand the film.
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QT Top 10's
by: A.R.T. ()
Comment No. 30
11-May-2005, 21:01 GMT
Who cares about what's in the breifcase that's the entire point, and the point is for it to be a mistery, because life is a mystery. You guys got it completely up side down and twisted, and who cares if he stole his ideas from others, because those others stole ideas from others as well (it's called recycling). No one can come out with something completly origanal, for god's sake it's in english so right there and then it can't go into some new form or place and if it did everyone would be calling it a weird flic like stanly kupriks 2001 masterpiece. Every one should open there minds a bit more and start doing something about it, if you don't like what you see and you think it's bullshit, do something about it, create a script something ORIGINAL, go ahead do it. But then again you rather sit arround wuith your buddies and critisize, wil QT is actually trying to do something with his life. Puklp fiction is a sum of all the movies before it, like kill bill is the sum of all the jap flics. He is a geniuse, he is most defenitly place in my A-list of movie creators.
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R u done yet
by: G- BLocko
Comment No. 31
12-May-2005, 17:27 GMT
omg u talk for way to long,what exactly r u doin wit ur life?
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by: ko
Comment No. 32
10-Aug-2005, 11:08 GMT
hey! this is da best screenplay i've read!!!!!!!
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by: birds eye view
Comment No. 33
30-Mar-2007, 19:22 GMT
well... i think everyone has his or her own opinion. What we need to see though is the content of the film as to the intent of the film maker. F what ever the viewers think ART is ART and it is indefinite.
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contents of briefcase
by: A.J. ()
Comment No. 34
29-May-2007, 19:58 GMT
A lightbulb and a twelve amp battery.
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Pulp fiction
by: Nicened ()
Comment No. 35
03-Feb-2010, 20:11 GMT
Tarantino just uses any excuse for unrealistic and far fetched violence. What will his next movie be ? live action Tom and jerry ?
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comment of 03-feb 2010
by: plus ()
Comment No. 36
23-Aug-2010, 23:06 GMT
why not...fuck art... make cool...make money. my kids love tom and jery, buckeroo!

youre whats the matter..wich is ok cause yer irelivant, just as irelivant as correct spellting is these days.. fuck spell check. and by the way

churches in the old days had stained glassed windows(STILL DO)... the more they spent the more they drew in,$$$, was it a classic then was it art... it was COOL thats what matered...shocking color.

shock me some more.

man has a begining middle and end(TAraANtINOs body of work)we just dont know wich is were.

please provide me some of your FAV movies so i can get an idea of the faker you are
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just a word
by: G Gecevska ()
Comment No. 37
23-Oct-2010, 19:03 GMT
I think the movies is great. I don't understand people who expect the movie to be full of twisted and apstract scenes. Why should it be that way. The movie is a real story from a real life I believe people really do this things. So what's more interesting than a reality nowdays. The scenes are kool and the dialouges explicit. As far as I know on a film paople would like to see: sex, drugs and weapons accompanied by a good speech. The "sci fi time movie" has passed long time ago it's time for a real things. People get aware every day more and more..... In the end isn't the movie made to have fun time???
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