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`Reservoir Dogs´
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Great Shit!!
by: Brannu ()
Comment No. 1
22-May-2001, 19:06 GMT
You know...I have never seen this movie...and reading it was one of the bes delights that I have had in a very long time. If the movie is as good as the screenplay...oh my...this was brilliant.
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by: Sean ()
Comment No. 2
27-Oct-2002, 19:23 GMT
Great movie. Great script. Tarantino is da man!
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Love it
by: AdolfXavier ()
Comment No. 3
21-May-2003, 16:23 GMT
Love the movie, Love the screenplay
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by: The Crap ()
Comment No. 4
30-May-2003, 19:46 GMT
Crap -- White boys probably love this kind of nonsense.
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by: Eric ()
Comment No. 5
27-Jun-2003, 21:53 GMT
Tarantino did it again, he has the best scripts ever, well next to Clive Barker. this is one of he best screenplays i have ever read.
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Directing Debut Delight!
by: Dillontino
Comment No. 6
27-Oct-2003, 01:15 GMT
A lot of thanks goes to keitel, as he read this script and noticed the genius of it & had so much faith, put a lot of dough into it for it to be made. And thank god he did!
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One of the best scripts ever written
by: Ben Ziegler ()
Comment No. 7
15-Jan-2004, 15:46 GMT
genius! absolute genius! every piece of dialogue in this script is written with so much wit and conviction i couldn't keep my eyes away from the page. What Tarantino does best is dialogue, even better than he does creating characters and storyline. I mean this is a simple story, but its the dialogue that is the key element, building suspense, sardonic humour and memorable scenes. Like Pulp Fiction almost every scene is a classic. I agree that Harvey Kietel is the major function of this project. He made the greatest decision of his career to get this made. His performance is also one of the best of his career in termns of showing raw emotion. Tim Roth i don't think and ever will be better than he is here. Because what he did in this movie was brilliant and audacious, he really tacked a complex role. Plus anything that combines Tarantino, Steve Buscemi and Michael Madsen is guaranteed brilliance.
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Another Hit
by: The Hobbit ()
Comment No. 8
27-Apr-2004, 17:54 GMT
I don't understand how Terantino can just keep making amazing scrips such as this one, I just don't understand. Someone should give this guy a job haha.
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by: Dru
Comment No. 9
06-Jun-2004, 17:09 GMT
Whenever this movie comes on, I have to watch. It makes me sick to think that man can be so inhumane, but it is true. There are people out there like Mr. Blonde. I love the music, I love the dialogue, and although I hate to admit it, this movie is one of my all time favorites.
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Love it
by: fifi ()
Comment No. 10
07-Jun-2004, 21:11 GMT
It's brilliant. Seen a stage version of it (3 times)which was great. I am currently trying a free version of it with angry girls from a call centre trying to get their hands on a briefcase aimed at reducing the company's overdue. "Reservoir bitches". Wish me good luck. :-)
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by: Kayozz ()
Comment No. 11
01-Jul-2004, 19:52 GMT
For me, one of those films that i couldn't stop thinking about - one of the best writers/directors in America (if not the best in my humble opinion). From the chilling scenes of maiming and petrol dousing, to the amazingly, deliciously colourful dialogues - he knows how to keep the audience feeding from his spoon of Craving. Craving for more and more. A timeless classic due to it's simplicity but served the Tarantino way - and you just know you've got something special, everything from the deep conversations and amazingly realistic dialogue, truly great characters (every one of em),the best line up of great actors in a long time and a tremendous approach to "Little is more" - the way he avoided showing the main robbery was the best thing he ever did. The imagination is the greatest fuel for a good film (or book!).

God bless this wonderful film!

The best thing
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Tim S
by: Wes ()
Comment No. 12
07-Jul-2004, 07:33 GMT
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Mr. Tarentino is a god!
by: Lenin ()
Comment No. 13
03-Aug-2004, 12:51 GMT
Hands down the man is one of the greatest "movie-makers" (I say that because, he does more than one thing, he writes, directs and produces)of our time. The man is incredible and should be acknowledged way more often for his work. He is my insperation (as i am an amature film-maker) and I look up to all of Mr. T's work.
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by: AdamG ()
Comment No. 14
06-Aug-2004, 15:11 GMT
Having seen the movie virtually every day since I bought it, I realize the initial spark that prompted Harvey Kietel and the folks at Miramax to get behind this script, thereby producing one of the greatest movies in the history of movies. Tarantino has never written a screenplay he didn't surpass, except for this one. Jackie Brown doesn't count, since it wasn't original (it was based on Elmore Leonard's "Rum Punch"), though the dialogue in it was also brilliant.
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Fucked up
by: TwanDiggity ()
Comment No. 15
12-Aug-2004, 04:39 GMT
This script is fucked...i mean, i don't know if it was done on purpose, but the whole first scene is shod. first of all, mr. pink is saying things that mr. brown says in the actual movie, plus mr. pink is the one who says he dont tip...not mr. white. c'mon man. oh fuck it. love the movie...script is fucked though
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It's Grrrrrrrrrrreat!!!
by: Stephaney
Comment No. 16
26-Aug-2004, 16:22 GMT
This movie is soooooooo good. Forget all those wimpy steel mongolias crap movies and give me some good old kick ass movie. The screenplay was okay except for the fact that Mr. Pink was the one who doesn't tip, not Mr. White, besides that it was good and I love you Tarentino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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the script
by: matt ()
Comment No. 17
27-Aug-2004, 02:16 GMT
who ever posted the script is an idiot. you got mr. white, and mr. pink mixed up. quentin tarentino is mr. white, and steve buchemie is mr. pink. thought you might want to know that
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Umm, me an idiot ?!
by: Zelos ()
Comment No. 18
28-Aug-2004, 22:06 GMT
Well, thanks Matt for calling me an idiot ;-)

This script was posted by me. But it was not written by me. So, if there are any mistakes in it please don't blame me.

Do you have correct version at hand or do you feel like correcting current version and post it to this site?

Please let me know.

Zelos (Admin Screenplays-Online.de)
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Need help
by: Helia ()
Comment No. 19
29-Aug-2004, 09:37 GMT
pleas add old screenplays too
specialy hichkak and koobrik films
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Why do u guys get his name wrong!
by: Mr. White
Comment No. 20
28-Sep-2004, 02:10 GMT
It annoys me to see, everywere i look that people continue to get Mr Tarantino's name wrong, yeah thats right T-A-R-A-N-T-I-N-O! not "the hobbits" Terantino or "Lenins" Tarentino. I know I'm probably over-reacting but it just annoys me to see that people who rave about his films cant read.
Mr White.
PS: Cheers to everyone who DID get his name RIGHT.
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The Best
by: Dan
Comment No. 21
15-Oct-2004, 00:49 GMT
Brilliant script, Brilliant director, Brilliant movie. It really had a profound effect on cinema; you knew Tarantino was a force to be reckoned with, and his debut is also his best. Madsen, Buscemi, Keitel, Roth, even ole Quentin himself make career defining perfomances in the greatest movie ever made.
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you damn fucking nigger
by: mr.white ()
Comment No. 22
05-Feb-2005, 02:32 GMT
you stupid nigger saying white boys love this shit well we do ok so dont say it was a bad movie if it was such a fucking bad movie then why is it sitting in my dvd and a fucking spike lee movie isnt? oh i know cuz you niggers like that shit!! fuck you!
"you shoot me in a dream you better wake up and apologize"- mr.white (harvey)
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by: goose ()
Comment No. 23
17-Apr-2005, 16:35 GMT
there really is not a lot to say, the greatest film ever made, and certainly my favorite film ever. Tarantino's an artist and a genius.
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It's fine
by: TheWarLord
Comment No. 24
10-May-2010, 20:32 GMT
The script is ok. It differs from the movie as he changed some things during shooting it, you idiots! Mr. Pink was a role for Tarantino... at first of course.
And can someone tell me what "C.U." means? And "OS"? The second one is offscreen, right?
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you push that woman man thing too long...
by: Ross Logan ()
Comment No. 25
03-Mar-2012, 13:31 GMT
so many great lines in tarantinos movies that i think a lot of people miss, either because they are watching whats on screen still got the previous scene in there head, or is it that you instantly agree with what tarantino has just said most people fail to realise that he has just hit the nail on the head full connector, and made a great line without to much of a fuss. A great line and also life lessons for lots of people out there. you push that woman man thing too long and it gets to you after a while. Tarantino knows the answer most people struggle with. yes a woman and a man can just be friends ... but only
for so long then nature will take over and sexual frustration will build ( usualy for the man ) but remember, just because you are a character doesnt mean you have character Mr Tarantino.
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`Reservoir Dogs´

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