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u suck
by: dick smith ()
Comment No. 1
25-Oct-2003, 04:07 GMT
it sucked kevins dick evin though he doesnt have 1
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by: ok... this chick is stupidio
Comment No. 2
08-Nov-2003, 00:11 GMT
well i guess that this guy gave a little to much info

anyway i thought it was cool and intriging. it kept me on the edge all the time.. scary yet suspecful good jod Wes
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by: John ()
Comment No. 3
02-Jun-2004, 02:44 GMT
I don't know what that top guy's problem is but I liked it.
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Guy at the top
by: Allen ()
Comment No. 4
07-Jul-2004, 20:11 GMT
for whoever wrote that comment at the top, you just wasted my time. If you're not going to leave a constructive comment, dont bother. that took me about 10 second to read that, so now you owe me 10 seconds of life, because that comment was completely pointless.
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I'll Never Forget How the Movie Started!!!
by: Grand Majesty ()
Comment No. 5
14-Nov-2004, 02:54 GMT
Probably one of the most memorable break throughs in film history, especially on the horror front. Kevin Williamson became inspired by the Barbara Walters report on the "Gainesville Murders" back in 93, and propelled him to do what Kirk Kobain did with Nirvana when he killed the "Metal Era." A refreshing, yet entertaining, new age approach for a new generation of horror flicks. Williamson raises the bar and sets a new standard with SCREAM.
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