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by: drunker, more so ()
Comment No. 1
02-Nov-2002, 18:32 GMT
another one? what the hell is an amadeus? is it a foriegn entity? is it about tennis? my mate sam seems to think it is. she says that anything ending with "deus" is bound to have a poor final result at the end of a tennis match. or summit like that. its all very confusing. i am such a mongaloid. so to some up, Amadeus is a great tennis film. i reccommend it to all lovers of the sport. and those of us who are familiar with that lush backside of ana courna. you know what i mean lads! this film is a top rated porn. 5 out of 4
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by: Eric ()
Comment No. 2
27-Jun-2003, 21:46 GMT
This movie is about one of the greatest musicians of all times, Wolfgang AMADEUS Mozart! it is his life story. NOTHING DEALING WITH SPORTS!!!!!!
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One of the best movies ever
by: TheDoctor ()
Comment No. 3
20-Jul-2003, 05:11 GMT
YES, amadeus is one of my top 3 movies ever, this movie took 8 oscars including (best film, best actor).
the movie talks about the story of the great Mozart through the eyes of his enemy.
F.Murray Abraham in one of the best performance of the history of cinema. i read the screen play 2 times, i think, they must use it in college as a standard for the ideal screenplay.
i give it *****/5
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Eric...lighten up!
by: DK ()
Comment No. 4
07-Nov-2003, 22:25 GMT
CLEARLY Comment #1 is a ruse. You know...?...joke? (Not a particularly FUNNY joke. Didn't laugh, but at least I got it.

This is a brilliant film that I don't revisit nearly as often as I should, and that I don't think of when formulating my own personal "Best Of" lists. But I should. I remember being completely BLOWN AWAY when I saw it in the theater. (And if I'm not mistaken...I may be, but I think I'm not...it's the last time I ever went to a movie with an intermission.
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by: Allen ()
Comment No. 5
07-Jul-2004, 20:07 GMT
for the idiot who left comment #1... are you kidding me? It took me about 10-15 seconds to read that and it was a waste. you now owe me 10-15 seconds of life for wasting my time. dont be stupid
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by: Chelsea
Comment No. 6
29-May-2005, 16:51 GMT
I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! I practically can recite all the lines. this has to be one of the greatest movies ever made. the actors were incredible Tom Hulce (mozart) was amazing he play the role of a man child perfectly and F.Murray Abraham was indescribable!
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by: haim
Comment No. 7
25-Aug-2005, 19:27 GMT
that was the # 1 movie of the 80s. now i believe this is one of the greatest movies of the entire 20th century. peter schaffer and milos forman - what a combination!
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by: Dylan ()
Comment No. 8
08-Oct-2005, 05:47 GMT
I've watched Amadeus a hell of a lot in the short period of time that I own it; such an amazing film, it is without a doubt a great film. The actors put their full heart into the film. The costumes are perhaps some of the best I have ever seen in a film. Truly a terrific film.

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by: AND ()
Comment No. 9
05-Jun-2007, 12:04 GMT
Whoever wrote Comment 1 is seriously dense. "Amadeus" the screenplay is one of the best, most complex screenplays ever written and "Amadeus" the movie is a reflection of that genius. What a fascinating life brought to life by such great filmmaking is rare indeed. The chemistry between Mozart and Salieri--even when neither is physically in a scene with one another--is remarkably poignant and intense. Every word uttered culminates into one great irony: although Salieri was famous in his lifetime and in turn succeeded in destroying Mozart's life, Mozart triumphed over Salieri in death (those that are remembered most are the one's that suffered in life to challenge authority and the accepted wisdom); also, that God has an entirely odd sense of humor.

I will never forget the high-pitched vibrato of Tom Hulce as he laughed during the film.

This film was a lesson to all filmmakers that the actors don't need to have--or try to have--the right accents. My theory is that having everyone speaking English is already such a suspension of disbelief that having one character with an American accent and another with an English accent isn't going to raise any eyebrows; if anything it will help because the audience won't be concentrating on how good--or bad--an actor's effort at a Viennese accent is.
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History v. Hollywood
by: Tim ()
Comment No. 10
21-Feb-2008, 20:14 GMT
This is a great movie for a work of fiction. There is so little fact in this. And Mozart was not murdered. Scientists now believe that he ate undercooked pork, and died of trichinosis (sic).

He and Salieri were quite friendly toward each other. It is still on my top ten. Hell, Braveheart was less historical. It was a great film withall.
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by: siga ng malvar... ()
Comment No. 11
25-Jul-2008, 13:36 GMT
you know amadeus is a brilliat work...... its so beautiful and its shows how mozart work or compose!!!!!!!
it shows also nthe moral values that we can get..
yun lang...

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by: riza ()
Comment No. 12
14-Sep-2009, 02:12 GMT
so amazing! i've enjoy watching it.. i LOVE IT..:)The way AMADEUS laughing i wont 4get ever:)hehehe:)
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A Bit Unfair to Salieri
by: Yana
Comment No. 13
10-Sep-2015, 12:21 GMT
Salieri has been accused of murdering the young genius out of jealousy for centuries. A lot of his work has been lost in history because people hated him. So it is a bit pity that this wonderful film still portraits him as the villain.
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Imaginary story of historical figures...but a brilliant film....
by: june ()
Comment No. 14
27-Mar-2016, 00:24 GMT
Nothing lacks in this film but historical truth... I love this movie but I also dislike films that reshape facts for fiction\'s sake... Brilliant creative writing of fanciful, non-realities, of Mozart and Salieri. Oh, and comment #1 is LAME...not funny...not helpful.
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