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`Some Like It Hot´
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Great script...
by: j
Comment No. 1
17-Jan-2004, 04:16 GMT
Okay, it should be understood that while the script of this film is fantastic and basically flawless (most of the comedy comes from the one-liner sexual innuendos), much of this movie's greatness is due to the talent of the actors. Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon do a superb job of interpreting the screenplay, so much so that you really can't envision this movie being done with any other cast. So, a great lesson in screenplay adaptation is to read the screenplay and then watch the movie. You will see how talented actors, with good chemistry, can really bring a script to life...and make a great script even better. A true classic.
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by: The Hobbit ()
Comment No. 2
03-May-2004, 16:48 GMT
I like it hot too.
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by: Lamb ()
Comment No. 3
08-Sep-2004, 11:24 GMT
You like what hot The Hobbit? Like you're ever gonna get some action!
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Some Like It Hot
by: Bryn ()
Comment No. 4
01-Jun-2006, 17:44 GMT
Could you tellme what the last spoken line of the film
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some like it hot
by: Bubbi ()
Comment No. 5
06-Oct-2006, 19:54 GMT
I think the last line is..."but I'm a man"...spoken by Jack Lemmon...& the other guy says..."well..none of us are perfect"....pure joy....
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`Some Like It Hot´

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