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`Starship Troopers´
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by: mark ()
Comment No. 1
21-Mar-2003, 09:25 GMT
film is the best in the world
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by: Steve Savage
Comment No. 2
27-May-2003, 15:59 GMT
The best war recruitment flick ever made.
Just goes to show that stupid teenagers will die for your pointless cause as long as its percieved as "cool".
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by: Allen ()
Comment No. 3
07-Jul-2004, 20:16 GMT
Well said, Steve. Couldn't have put it in better words.
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by: saveferris
Comment No. 4
21-Feb-2005, 23:54 GMT
quite possibly the worst movie i have ever seen and the worst screenplay ive ever read. all you other guys should yank your brains out of your asses and start seeing good movies!!!!!
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by: goose ()
Comment No. 5
23-Apr-2005, 15:50 GMT
my baby sister could write a better script. The film is a discrase to everyone. Bollocks
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`Starship Troopers´

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