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`Star Wars IV: A New Hope´
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by: TheHobbit ()
Comment No. 1
04-May-2004, 15:23 GMT
Does anyone else hate starwars as much as I.
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by: Allen ()
Comment No. 2
07-Jul-2004, 20:00 GMT
no. and why did you waste a comment on that, idiot?
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by: LizardKing ()
Comment No. 3
15-Nov-2004, 23:21 GMT
Haha, your fucking lame hobbit. These movies are the opitomy of brilliant sci-fi. Allen is right, stop wasting your comments.
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Sittin on the Fence avec my banjo
by: Staple Remover
Comment No. 4
05-Apr-2005, 19:22 GMT
Its alright but its not amazin. Dont care to be honest cos girls just wanna hav fun. come on the neds
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Did anyone else notice this?
by: Chupalo
Comment No. 5
09-Apr-2005, 20:52 GMT
Luke is described as looking younger than his eighteen years, and Leia is described as being about sixteen years old. How can they be twins if their ages differ by two years? That is, unless there was a really long delivery. So, there you go, George Lucas really didn't have these movies all thought out from the beginning. As if the passionate kiss between the two before swinging away fromo stormtroopers wasn't proof enough. Just thought I would venture that area for discussion.
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Hmmm... WTF?
by: Dignan
Comment No. 6
21-Jul-2005, 06:39 GMT
I agree Chupalo, I don't buy the bullshit that Lucas had all these planed out from the start. Perhaps he had a general direction he wanted to go, but there are too many odd inconsistencies to believe he had all the details down. He even admits he didn't know the film was going to do well enough to warent ONE sequel, much less a trilogy (now 6 films.)

Also, does anyone know where Lucas learned how to write a script, because I've never seen this format before! What's with the dialogue aligned to the right?
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pre-planning and all the folley that comes later
by: Snoozefrenzy
Comment No. 7
01-Jan-2008, 19:33 GMT
Ever try planning a trilogy out before writing it? I've done it twice, and I'll tell you for a certainty, it takes a very special kind of retentive individual to finish everything exactly as planned. Look at the best artists in history, you'll find very few of them were foreign to happy accidents or changed plans for the sake of the story. Hate to tell you this, but I'll bet that almost everything you love in entertainment started out differently than it appeared in it's final version, and a lot of those changes were improvements. Fiction is an organic creature, now go write you're own screenplay / novel / or whatever you're into. My break's over, time to get back to work on that third trilogy.
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by: Emptycalories
Comment No. 8
03-Sep-2008, 19:36 GMT
I always wanted to read the opening of STAR WARS.
Thanks for the web site, it's great.
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Yes, thanks...
by: MyName ()
Comment No. 9
15-Jul-2009, 22:00 GMT
...for this screenplay.
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`Star Wars IV: A New Hope´

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