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`Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi´
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empire unfinnished
by: Humble Lo ()
Comment No. 1
20-Jul-2004, 05:49 GMT
Lucas is a big scum bag for one reason I try and buy a starwars video game and I have to sign up for a subscription to install the god forsaken thing. But his screenplay return of the jedi is just like the rest of them a piece of the puzzle to a never ending story the man will be still directing star wars movies from the grave heaven or hell etc. so on. No one in thier life time would be able to finnish the alloted series It's going to be a requirement in his will to finnish the star wars movie line up.
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by: ross ()
Comment No. 2
05-Oct-2004, 20:03 GMT
Undoubtly someone has not been keeping up with the star wars movies. If they did they would know that the last star wars movie is due out in 2005 and that this will be the last one that Lucas will do. I loved what Lucas has done. For one he funded all the movies out of his own pocket. That in itself says a lot. Second of all, I find it amazing how he has created an empire out of something he has stated as a movie that he thought would not be seen more than once in theaters. Lucas is a God in the motion picture business.
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Star Wars trilogy
by: Missy ()
Comment No. 3
13-Aug-2005, 13:46 GMT
I'm glad to know what happens that makes Anakin turn evil. It's not really something that I expected but it was a good movie...one of the best "Star Wars" films George Lucas has ever made. I don't know if he ever will keep going with the story, whether on TV or in movies like "Attack of the Clones" has the cartoons but I'm happy that I know more pieces to the "Star Wars" puzzle than I knew when I first starting watching the films.
And to comment Ross, he is a God in movie business.
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New Movies
by: Nihgtwing ()
Comment No. 4
24-Oct-2005, 15:25 GMT
The 3rd movie isn't his last it's rumored he's going to make three more in years to come this time 10-20 years after the The Battle of Endor and Lucas only fundes 4 or 5 of his movies the first one he got the money from a production agency.
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`Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi´

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