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`Terminator 2´
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by: milo ()
Comment No. 1
17-Mar-2003, 14:19 GMT
This is Cameron's masterpiece action manuscript. not like that Titawhat?
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by: #1
Comment No. 2
07-Nov-2003, 23:57 GMT
wow this is another great classic i think everyone should own this movie
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by: Bond, James Bond ()
Comment No. 3
28-Apr-2004, 02:52 GMT
The most enjoyable action movie to date. I wish I could see it again for the first time

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by: John ()
Comment No. 4
02-Jun-2004, 02:52 GMT
Better than the first!
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by: Greg ()
Comment No. 5
07-May-2005, 14:38 GMT
One of my favorite films, T2 just raised the bar on action movies everywhere. Definitely one of his masterworks next to Titanic.
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by: writeaway ()
Comment No. 6
08-Dec-2008, 10:08 GMT
Hi, T2 is one of my favorite flicks too, but I have to ask: Is that script really that full of spelling errors by Cameron (and pal), or was it transcibed by someone else to be online?
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by: Everth Palomeque Jr ()
Comment No. 7
15-Mar-2010, 04:01 GMT
James Cameron's Terminator 2 screenplay continues to enthrall my excitment and passion in professional screenwriting. His prose is vivid and propulsive; exciting and ambitious. I owe a great deal of thanks to James Cameron because upon reading his scripts, I too, wanted to venture into the field of screenwriting. As both a fan and professional, I continue to see this form of writing as a great excitment in my life.

Everth Palomeque Jr.
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love good scenenplays since i,m also a writer myself.
by: vuclay ()
Comment No. 8
04-May-2012, 10:41 GMT
love sceenplays busy with my own coming out greate maybe one you will read my finshed sceenplay here and writer wanna keep contact i dont mind keep the writing alive.
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`Terminator 2´

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