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`American President, The´
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i dont know
by: drunk and drunker ()
Comment No. 1
02-Nov-2002, 18:44 GMT
i havent seen this dam filum, so how the hell do you expect me to comment? huh, punk? seriously, has the world gone mad? i mean, look at us, we've ruined it all. dam us, dam us all to hell. and quite frankly my dear, i don't really give a dam. because you see, if you reach out and put your hand into a pile of goo, it was your best friends face. thats it, forget i shouldn't have bothered. obviously i do not know as much as i would have hoped to in regards to the whole film and cinema thing, but i do care, really i do. thats it, it's china town.
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Oh Dear
by: The Hobbit ()
Comment No. 2
27-Apr-2004, 18:24 GMT
I'll tell you one thing, you couldn't pay me enough to see this damn film again. I got 1/4 of the way through (Don't know why I got that far) and fell asleep.
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by: Steve
Comment No. 3
15-Jun-2004, 19:59 GMT
The movie was okay, but the drippingly liberal politics was really distracting and unneeded.
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You're an idiot
by: Max ()
Comment No. 4
31-Jan-2005, 18:07 GMT
Aren't movie people supposed to be at least a LITTLE bit intelligent? OF course, if all you watch is anime and action movies then you aren't going to like this movie, but my advice - if you neither like nor understand politics, STAY AWAY FROM POLITICAL MOVIES.

A question for the last commentor (Steve) - this is a movie about ideas. In the movie there is a President. Do we have Presidents who aren't either Democrats or Republicans? OF course not, you passed Freshman civics... the next question is, do you want a President to stand for something, or not believe anything? of COURSE the movie was drippingly liberal - it was a POLITICAL MOVIE ABOUT A DEMOCRAT! You're an idiot.

Fuck you guys. Aaron Sorkin is a fucking genius. If you don't want politics, stay away from movies about politicians, okay?

...what a bunch of fuckin' morons...
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They drink sand because they don't know the difference
by: Alice ()
Comment No. 5
04-Aug-2006, 20:50 GMT
My subject line is the greatest line in this excellent film, and perfectly describes the narcissists providing the first three comments on this film. Yeah, it's about politics. LIFE is about politics, friends. Grow up and get a grip. You want Dick Cheney and his evil cabal running your life for the rest of your life? Me, I've only got 20 years to go, probably, and that may be getting out in the nick of time. You have to live with the mess the Bush administration is creating in this world...you don't want to hold them responsible? Throw them out? Impeach them? Hmmm. Yeah, that would be politics and let's not waste our time on that... I weep for what America has become.
I watch this film everytime I need to be reminded that someday, we might have a President again who does his fucking job FOR us, instead of fucking us.
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Dam! Dam! Dam! Dam! Learn to freaking spell!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Tim ()
Comment No. 6
21-Feb-2008, 19:40 GMT
This movie was great. I hate the poltical views. Democrats are morons to the tenth power. However, the acting, the script, direction, they were all first rate.

WWW.LP.ORG <<<<<<<<< That's where the country SHOULD go.
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by: BRUCE ()
Comment No. 7
11-Feb-2013, 05:00 GMT
LOVED IT. Some of the best scenes ever.

FIRST DATE--a state dinner,hail to the chief is played and the Pres. asks," how am I doing ? "

Wonderful screen play...one of my favorites.

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`American President, The´

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