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Alternate Use For Screenplay
by: Captain Bad
Comment No. 1
04-Nov-2002, 21:55 GMT
I should print this one, because I'm all out of toilet paper. Cameron's talented but can't write for crap.
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Titanic screenplay
by: Cam ()
Comment No. 2
17-Mar-2003, 14:13 GMT
Obviously was not Mr Cameron's best work
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by: sdfsdfsdf
Comment No. 3
27-Mar-2003, 21:33 GMT
Can't write for crap? Funny how he's making millions are you are not. LOL
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Titanic Bore
by: Steve Savage ()
Comment No. 4
27-May-2003, 15:56 GMT
The best part of the movie was the 2nd half, when everybody died, including that kid DiCaprio.
The only thing worth watching in the first half is the rather chubby naked chick, assuming you don't mind that.
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by: Eric ()
Comment No. 5
27-Jun-2003, 21:56 GMT
HELP! this screenplay is crap! when i watch a movie called the Titanic, i expect a movie on the Titanic, not 3 hours on Leonardo De"Crap"ieo!
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to all you love haters
by: whatever
Comment No. 6
08-Nov-2003, 00:02 GMT
I hate leo de cape...but how many of you out there want to watch a 2 hour film about a boat that splits in two and sinks. Cameron you gave the movie worth watching
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by: mimic ()
Comment No. 7
29-Mar-2004, 08:11 GMT
Titanic is one of the best movies of all time. Cameron is an excellent writer and director. The movie is not boring at all. Its only boring to people who don't understand the piece of work. When you learn to appreciate the hard work that goes into making a huge film like this, then you will be amazed at how it was created. Hands down, James Cameron is one of the best of all time, and so is his films. Oh and another thing, people need to give more credit to Billy Zane (Cal) because he gave an excellent and completely believable performance.
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by: The Hobbit ()
Comment No. 8
27-Apr-2004, 18:10 GMT
Honestly this was a waste of 3 hours. I thought one time when I saw too guys kiss that, that was the gayest thing I had ever seen, but now that I saw this movie It's really changed my mind.
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What was he thinking
by: TheHobbit ()
Comment No. 9
04-May-2004, 15:20 GMT
Jesus, I have to comment on this again, This was not only the worst movie I have ever seen but it was BY FAR the worst movie I have ever seen, I think if cameron switched up the cast differently it could have had some hope, and I stress the word COULD.
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It was good!
by: ME
Comment No. 10
21-May-2004, 16:25 GMT
i think the film was good! kate winslet was a bit over the top but played the role brilliantly and as for leonardo diCaprio, if it want for him being so dam fine i dont think i would have stayed as interested. i think the cast choice was good and the film was very moving!
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by: sally toylar
Comment No. 11
27-May-2004, 14:06 GMT
ı hate romantic films and ı paid for it so higher.it was awful for me
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by: John ()
Comment No. 12
02-Jun-2004, 02:57 GMT
The only part I liked in this movie was the nude female. I mean naked chick!
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by: Bob
Comment No. 13
13-Jun-2004, 15:10 GMT
What kills me, is that you guys are sitting here bashing the highest grossing movie of all times. If it's so 'horrible', why did it win the Academy Award for best picture? Why did it sweep the Oscars? Sorry, I haven't seen any of YOU win an Oscar lately.
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i love the movie
by: verorose ()
Comment No. 14
27-Jun-2004, 17:40 GMT
hey i love titanic movie so much i really like leonardo dicaprio and kate winslet its so cool please visite my titanic site www.freewebs.com/titaniclover/ thanks
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a bige piece of trash
by: nemo
Comment No. 15
15-Jul-2004, 18:59 GMT
i see it is really a big piece of trash, cameron here just presents a payed lessons to people about how to be fornicators no diffirence of the other porno movies. it is the same , it is a trash. respecting for the award: i afraid that the commitee awards wan in non-balance case when they gave all these awards to a movie doesn't worthy.
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What i think!
by: Ben ()
Comment No. 16
27-Jul-2004, 00:45 GMT
I wouldn't piss oon this movie if it was on fire
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by: Lenin ()
Comment No. 17
06-Aug-2004, 03:01 GMT
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i agree
by: truth
Comment No. 18
07-Sep-2004, 02:23 GMT
If the movie sucked so bad why did all of you take the time to see it or even comment about it. you guys oviously dont know much about movie making because that movie made BANK..i am sure that leonardo dicapreo is thinking the same thing like you guys then he wipes his butt with a $20 and remebers i am rich...the movie was to be seen by those who could see for what it really was about millons of people who lost there lives! cant you just respect that!
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by: Sarah Berlock ()
Comment No. 19
30-Sep-2004, 11:44 GMT
I think Titanic was one of your best movies!
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Nothing Like it
Comment No. 20
04-Oct-2004, 02:12 GMT
This is a fine peice of work people. Before any actors were casted, before the ship was even rebuilt, the work that Cameron wrote on those peieces of paper is amazing. The story is well thought out and the emotions are powerful. There were even people from history in this film, now that is what I call significant detail. If a writer can go back in a time which they didn't even experience and bring out such a pogant and believable story, I can say they are truly amazing. Good, film, good direction, good writing, GOOD CAMERON!!!!
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Worst movie ever
by: Parker ()
Comment No. 21
27-Oct-2004, 21:03 GMT
I think that Titanic is one of the worst movie ever made. it did not diserve to win 11 oscars there where way better movies that yeat that should have one
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i loved it
by: wiggle ()
Comment No. 22
13-Dec-2004, 15:22 GMT
i am 12 years old but i love the movie so much i want to watch it at school on a comuter
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by: K ()
Comment No. 23
21-Dec-2004, 05:18 GMT
OK this is probably the most fair assessment of the movie. Great writing by Cameron. The only reason the movie was so successful was because of DiCaprio. Not one of his best performances, but check out Basketball Diaries, Gangs of New York, and the Aviator. He is a very good actor.
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Idiots, all of you
by: MovieGuy
Comment No. 24
11-Mar-2005, 02:39 GMT
All those people bitchin about titanic are simply put: idiotic morons. These are the people that only like huge explosions, big car chase sequences, and tits. Titanic is one of the better films of all time. It desrved those oscars. And for all of you fucking retards who think fucking thirteen ghosts was an oscar worthy picture...honestly. Its people like you that make other idiots like yourselves to make those types of stupid movies.
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by: Firefly ()
Comment No. 25
12-Mar-2005, 22:13 GMT
A giant HURRAH! to all of you who hated this movie mistake as much as I did. What a waste of film. Easy to see why--the screenplay was horrible. I saw it once, like everyone else in the world due to the huge fanfare and hype, but what a mistake. Sure, great costumes, fabulous effects... amazing what can be done with money...the story in itself wasn't even THAT bad. Actually, I've been trying to figure out for years why I hated this movie so much, and can still not put my finger on it. Certainly the leads whiney voice didn't help, but it was so much more than that--I think what I really hated was the way I was supposed to celebrate this woman's animal craving for a boy below her station in life--which simply would not have happened in that time or place. I was being manipulated, and it didn't work. When they tried to portray her fiance as an abusive male, I just rolled my eyes. Oh, please! What about her mother? Winslet's character just blithely runs off with a pretty face and leaves her mummy to drown?
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by: Firefly ()
Comment No. 26
12-Mar-2005, 22:20 GMT
P.S. I'm also trying to figure out how 12-year-old "Wiggle" watched it on a "comuter".
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by: Saf
Comment No. 27
15-Mar-2005, 07:40 GMT
I hate this movie. It was painfull to watch - I'll never trust my sister's taste in films ever again. If anyone says "Yeah? I'd like to see you do better! Then you can compain!" - grow up. I think a half-wit hamster could do better with the budget this film had. "So why did it win so many Oscars?" - well, that's Hollywood for you; fickle. The special effects were very clever and glossy but unfortunatly didn't overshadow the inemptitude executed with the cliche-driven, yawn-inducing, candy-floss of a super-plot (and I mean 'super' as in 'above' - opposite to 'sub', not a camp way of saying fantastic) - when DiCaprio's character dies and Winslet pushes him off the make-shift raft, I couldn't stop laughing; probably not Cameron's intention. And to the poster who mentioned: "All those people bitchin about titanic are simply put: idiotic morons. These are the people that only like huge explosions, big car chase sequences, and tits." No. Titanic is a disgrace, and has many similarities to those aspects you mentioned: "huge explosions", well, plenty of them in Titanic - the ship hitting an iceberg is pretty huge; "big car chase sequence", perhaps not with cars, but with people which amounts to the same thing, really; "and tits", yes, you guessed it, you get to see Winslet's... so, in reality, all Titanic is, is a brainless action movie with a little romance thrown in (most, if not all action movies have some romance in them to some degree). Completely unstimulating on any level.
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An All Time Classic, I wish I could write like James C.
by: Chirag Vora ()
Comment No. 28
19-Mar-2005, 12:45 GMT
I love all JC movies. I think this is one of the best. This was a global triumph. Congratulations.
To all the stupid comment writers on this page :
Please write a movie where everyone knows the story by simply reading the name and still make a movie which is a global success transending all borders, barriers and languages. Pls Do and get back to me.
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Re: An All Time Classic, I wish I could write like James C.
by: Saf
Comment No. 29
22-Mar-2005, 23:13 GMT
That's why this film is so poor - it's basis lives in cliche. Love, Hate, Life, Death and Sex trancend 'all borders, barriers and languages'; it's all so simple. And then attach it to a very well known tragedy. Where's the greatness in that?
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by: Greg ()
Comment No. 30
07-May-2005, 14:31 GMT
I can't believe what I'm reading about this film. How half the people on this website can look over the heart and soul put into the making of this film is beyond me. James Cameron did one hell of a job with this movie. He was able to make a film that you can go back and watch again and yet still enjoy just as much as you did the first time. Not many films can do that but this one did. One of the greatest films that have ever been made, this is up there with Gone with the Wind and Casablanca.
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Know what...?
by: assmunch ()
Comment No. 31
10-Aug-2005, 14:18 GMT
...I fucked a squirrel once...
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re: Idiots, all of you
by: Alan
Comment No. 32
01-Sep-2005, 08:51 GMT
It needed more Tits :P
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Brilliant is all I can say
by: jenna
Comment No. 33
10-Sep-2005, 20:49 GMT
I don't see how any narrow-minded psyco can sit there and bash on this movie. The story line was flawless, historically correct (as a movie can be), the acting amazing and the special effects way before it's time. "Titanic" is one of the most touching movies that I have ever seen and this is why I loved it so much.
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by: gay ()
Comment No. 34
11-Oct-2005, 16:00 GMT
u are all gay mmuahahahaa hahahahahhahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahhah
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Titanic the great
by: becca
Comment No. 35
23-Feb-2006, 22:32 GMT
You all did great, I know a good movie when I see one, and this one is beyond good , its wonderful , if you think Leonardo is the only reason I liked it , its nottrue,OKEY ,okey mabye it is (in a way) and STOP CALLING HIM DI CRAP IO put yourself in his plase , how would u feel?Great job Leo, Kate,& Mr.Cameron ,and all the others that spent there time on thas film, great job
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I love Titanic!!
by: Sissy!
Comment No. 36
26-Apr-2006, 22:03 GMT
I am 12 years old and I do have to agree with Wiggle that Titanic is a great movie! And I would say it is a girly movie. And I thought Jack (Leonardo Dicaprio) was way to cute to die. I just sat in tears!
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You junp I jump
by: Sissy!
Comment No. 37
26-Apr-2006, 22:09 GMT
Like wiggle I am 12 years of age and I love Titanic! I loved the line you jump I jump! My friend Raychell loves Titanic and we made up a scrap book that is how much I like it.
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I'm only six...
by: bobby
Comment No. 38
28-Jun-2006, 09:02 GMT
I'm only six years old and I can write better than mr cameron.
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by: shane sherratt titanic dreamer ()
Comment No. 39
27-Oct-2006, 11:04 GMT
i thought the realy old titanic film was the best the new 1 iz ok i love the ship
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by: shane sherratt ()
Comment No. 40
27-Oct-2006, 11:05 GMT
what do u 6 n 12 yr old know about titanic
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by: Yeah ()
Comment No. 41
24-Jan-2007, 12:14 GMT
The movie is okey, but so sad xD and so many people deid..
I want to see the black and white, maybe better ? hahahah, LOL . Shit the same .
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by: TitanicLover ()
Comment No. 42
02-Feb-2007, 12:39 GMT
If u guys didn't feel sad when Jack was dead, it 's sure that all of u are cold-blooded!
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i like it
by: micky ()
Comment No. 43
14-Jul-2007, 10:42 GMT
this is vrey beutifull film.
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I'm glad people are still talking about it
by: Luke ()
Comment No. 44
20-Sep-2007, 09:32 GMT
Recently, Titanic has left popular consciousness and kind of become a black sheep. It's been 10 years since it premiered. This film deserved all of the awards, praise and accolades it got, and more. James Cameron fashioned a film that literally spoke to people as deeply as Gone with the Wind and Casablanca. Many have tried. Many have failed. Master filmmaker James Cameron comes along and does what so many had hoped they could accomplish. This is why Hollywood hates him. The film is still number one at the box office. Face it, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy is three separate films and none of them came close to beating Titanic. So, I assume the other people bashing this masterpiece are jealous or simply have nothing better to do.
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by: tamz ()
Comment No. 45
10-Apr-2009, 15:56 GMT
Titanic was one of the most beautiful and moving movies i have ever seen i have only recently seen it because im a bit slow but it was a great film and i think the cast was very brillantly well played and James Cameron is one of the best movie writers expecially for films like this.
and for all those people out there saying it is an awful film i think you are totally wrong it may be a long movie time but it is very moving you people just have no heart and lenardo decrapieo is a great actor!!!
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by: rose ()
Comment No. 46
30-May-2009, 15:16 GMT
i like your poster i like the picture ilove rose and jack will you marry me jack
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Really Good
by: Daniel ()
Comment No. 47
29-Apr-2010, 10:08 GMT
Very good movie ! And the music is truly amazing. No doubt it will become one of the classic movie...
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by: RAVI ()
Comment No. 48
12-Oct-2011, 08:51 GMT
TATANIC IS NO 1 FILM FOR ME ALL TIME. AND JECK AND ROSE IS BEST COUPLES FOREVER.Whenever I think about this story, it makes emotional... :-(
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2 tragedies that night
by: Denaro C. ()
Comment No. 49
25-Nov-2011, 06:43 GMT
It's always nice to have the gift of hindsight.Even with that said, I know in that situation I would of used anything I could to make a life boat or something that would float. With all the wood on-board I question why they wouldn't of used it to make rafts or what have you, anything that could keep them just out of the water.
Anytime I watch movies or documentaries about the Titanic, I can't help but notice all the huge pieces of wood on-board. With over 2 hrs till they sunk. I know I would of had a good chance at surviving Titanic, as well I would of help as many others as possible. I feel they could of done more to save themselves.

I feel half of the tragedy was the Titanic sinking and the other half of the tragedy was ALL THE POOR DECISIONS mad that night.

GOD bless the souls of the Titanic !
Denaro C.
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by: yhamcute ()
Comment No. 50
14-Jan-2012, 09:14 GMT
really??? if this movie is awful and this screenplay is a crap then how can it get 11 oscar awards??? and i think james cameron is very talented and i really really appreaciated that. oh! c'mon, there are just many people in this world who cant appreciate the meaning of masterpiece.
really hate those people. beeeh!!!!
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by: jhazz
Comment No. 51
14-Jan-2012, 09:19 GMT
love this movie......
will you marry me jack????
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by: Desirae ()
Comment No. 52
08-Mar-2012, 20:44 GMT
My teacher is really nice!!Is your teacher nice?
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by: kiwibear
Comment No. 53
07-Apr-2012, 11:04 GMT
There are millions of people that died on that ship. Cameron created this film so that the "unsinkable" titanic and the people who were aboard it, will never be forgotten. There are people right now in this world that no longer have family members because they all died on this ship. if your mother/father/etc died on this ship. you would want the world to remember them. HAVE SOME RESPECT.
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Best film
by: Reza ()
Comment No. 54
08-Apr-2012, 18:25 GMT
It was the best film I ever saw till now.It significantly shows the mean of love. I appreciate all of the workers for it.It gave me guidelines for life.
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by: larry ()
Comment No. 55
12-Apr-2012, 21:54 GMT
all i want to say about the story of titanic is may God forgive those peple they died in the accident of titanic,
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An insult
by: The Gringo ()
Comment No. 56
14-Apr-2012, 19:07 GMT
Sorry all you Cameron fans but the actual plot is an insult to the people who died 100 year ago. The love/hate situation just wouldn't have happened in that period of time on a ship with 3 different classes of passengers. The only real film on the Titanic was 'A night to remember' (1958) that was based on a book of the same name that recounted the story of many passengers on board as per the survivors' statements during the increadible subsequent enquiries into the tragedy both in USA and UK.
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by: astrid ()
Comment No. 57
18-Apr-2012, 10:38 GMT
wow i love this
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by: astrid ()
Comment No. 58
18-Apr-2012, 10:38 GMT
who likes spongebob
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by: astrid ()
Comment No. 59
18-Apr-2012, 10:51 GMT
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is astrid464@gmail.com
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by: astrid ()
Comment No. 60
18-Apr-2012, 10:53 GMT
A great liner stealing through the vast loneliness of the Atlantic, the sky jeweled with stars, and a thin wind blowing ever colder, straight from the ice fields, tapping its warning of approaching danger on the cozily shuttered portholes of the cabins, causing the lookout man to strain his eyes into the gloom. Inside this floating palace that spring evening in 1912, warmth, lights, the hum of voices, the lilt of a German waltz - the unheeding sounds of a small world bent on pleasure. Then disaster, swift and overwhelming, a story of horror unparalleled in the annals of the sea. 1
Sir Cosmo and Lady Duff Gordon boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg on the evening of April 10, 1912
It is only now, after so long, that I can bring myself to look back to that terrible last night on board the doomed Titanic. For years the horror was too vivid to bear the searchlight of memory. I had only to close my eyes to see the rows of lighted portholes extinguished row by row, until they sank under the black waters to hear the hideous clamor that spread over the quiet sea. I remember thinking at the time how remote and indifferent the stars seemed. I looked up at them with tear-filled eyes, when all was still again, and thought how many scenes of human agony they must have witnessed, and it came to me then that the life and death of Man were very unimportant things.
I had not meant to sail on the Titanic, although urgent business in New York forced me to take the first available boat. To this day I cannot explain my reluctance when the clerk at the White Star offices said: "The only berths we have are on our new Titanic, which will be making her maiden voyage."
"Oh, I should not care to cross on a new ship, " I told him. "I should be nervous."
He laughed: "Why the boat is unsinkable! Her watertight compartments would enable her to weather the fiercest sea, and she is the last word in comfort and luxury."
In spite of his arguments, I refused to book my berth and went home and told my husband 2 of my fears. He laughed, too, but when he realized I was in earnest he offered to come with me. I consented willingly, little knowing that by so doing I was to expose him to a storm of censure that well-nigh broke his heart and ruined his life.

The first days of the crossing were uneventful. Like everyone I was entranced with the beauty of the liner. I had never dreamt of traveling in such luxury. I remember being childishly pleased at finding strawberries on my breakfast able.
"Fancy strawberries in April, and in mid-ocean," I said to my husband. "You would think you were at the Ritz."
Everything aboard this lovely ship reassured me from the captain 3, with his kindly, bearded face and genial manner, and his 25 years' experience as a White Star commander, to my merry Irish stewardess 4, with her soft brogue and tales of timid ladies she had attended during hundreds of Atlantic crossings .
My pretty little cabin, with its electric heater and pink curtains, delighted me so that it was a pleasure to go to bed. And yet, in spite of ridicule, nothing could persuade me to completely undress at night. My warm wrap lay always ready at hand, and my jewel case, with a few of my most treasured possessions, was placed on a convenient table within reach. I have never been psychic so I am loathe to call this feeling of acute fear which I experienced a premonition, yet the fact remains that, though I have crossed the ocean many times both before and since, I have never had it on any other occasion. Something warned me, some deep instinct, that all was not well.
The time passed happily enough. I had my secretary Miss Francatelli 5 with me, as well as my husband, and we both found several friends on board, among them John B. Thayer, a vice president of the Pennsylvania Railroad, and his wife 6.
The day of the disaster dawned calm and bright. The sea was exceptionally still but as the day wore on the cold increased. As we walked round the deck I shivered in my furs.
"I have never felt so cold," I said to Cosmo. "There must be icebergs about."
He made fun of my ignorance and Captain Smith, who happened to be passing, assured me that we were far from the ice zone.

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by: astrid ()
Comment No. 61
18-Apr-2012, 11:00 GMT
im seven
oh yeah

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do u belve
by: astrid ()
Comment No. 62
28-Apr-2012, 08:10 GMT
do u belive ayeshas anisisters were in the titanic
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big fan
by: dreamer
Comment No. 63
15-Oct-2012, 05:14 GMT
i agree with wiggle and sissy. i am also 12 and the first time i saw titanic, i was 6. i loved the movie ever since. i've seen the movie about 13 times in my life. it is an awsome movie.
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big fan
by: tia ()
Comment No. 64
13-Nov-2012, 14:56 GMT
whoa i love leonardo he is amaizing i love i can't believe i love him kate your'e spherb i love you tooo
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kate my love
by: horge
Comment No. 65
13-Nov-2012, 14:58 GMT
kate you are so sexy
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by: Mr. Mystery
Comment No. 66
27-Jan-2014, 20:07 GMT
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by: Mr.mystery
Comment No. 67
27-Jan-2014, 20:16 GMT
I'm always going to be a mystery you will never guess who I am I'm a 6th grader I'm an a honor roll and love titanic but if I give anyone or anything a bad review it's not good no matter what you all say I seem mean but I'm really nice ya know!so if yo know who I am post it ps I don't care anymore I'm Taylor swift kidding my name is mr mystery and always will be
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by: mr. mystery
Comment No. 68
29-Jan-2014, 19:11 GMT
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by: mr. mystery
Comment No. 69
29-Jan-2014, 19:16 GMT
titanic is a great work of art for the average lifestyle.SO GET ON IT AND...SINK
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by: better than you
Comment No. 70
29-Jan-2014, 19:18 GMT
this is for fat sit at home boyz!!!!!!!!
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by: Better than you
Comment No. 71
29-Jan-2014, 20:08 GMT
If yo watch this crappy movie you deserve to sit in yo moms basement and stuff yo face with crap!!!!

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by: mr mystery
Comment No. 72
30-Jan-2014, 19:23 GMT
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by: sexy boy
Comment No. 73
04-Feb-2014, 15:24 GMT
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come on
by: yoo suk
Comment No. 74
11-Feb-2014, 15:18 GMT
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by: mr mystery
Comment No. 75
11-Feb-2014, 15:24 GMT
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looking for the script to download
by: Emily Holden ()
Comment No. 76
23-Mar-2014, 00:25 GMT
These idiots are obviously very disturbed people that dont get out into the world much and have nothing better to do than try and seek attention by posting negitive comments up on the internet for some kind of attention! I bet they dont know the first thing about proffessional script writting or anything to do with film!!
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fan fair
by: lele ()
Comment No. 77
25-Mar-2014, 17:06 GMT
Leonardo has 2627871011 fans!
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by: me and myself only ()
Comment No. 78
13-Apr-2014, 08:12 GMT
I always heard people talk about this a movie titanic and I never really cared for it😷but I just got finished watching it and its awesome🙌😍😌,I love this movie😍😘💙💚💛💜
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what a great movie
by: natasha ()
Comment No. 79
20-Apr-2014, 11:14 GMT
Some years back I heard people talk about the movie. I ended watching this movie
I love it. Such a touching movie!!!
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Titanic lives in our heart
by: Aristotal ()
Comment No. 80
24-May-2014, 08:35 GMT
Titanic can still touch the soul and heart of me and everyone...somehow...and in some way!!!
I love titanic.
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awome movie I've ever seen...!
by: Falling In reverse ()
Comment No. 81
11-Mar-2015, 14:18 GMT
Titanic is just awesome! For me, its all about pulling out the emotions and making the spectators to sit as a stone . but the stones are floating on emotions . thank you Cameron for this wonderful film. Please note I'm jealous about you . and to you too beauty , Kate!! <3
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by: MacDiesel (MacD)
Comment No. 82
24-May-2015, 15:16 GMT
Best romantic I ever see, indeed its a best romantic ever...
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I want to see again and again
by: Raaz ()
Comment No. 83
12-Dec-2015, 22:02 GMT
I'm say that this movie was fantastic is fantastic and will be fantastic so I see again and again. I luv u Kate Elizabeth wishlet and leonardo diCaprio,
Who told that the Titanic is waste film these people have no sense of humor and I really love Kate Elizabeth. I really love u Kate. I love u. I love u and I love u.
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by: Adesope suleimam ()
Comment No. 84
17-Nov-2017, 10:44 GMT
Today I watched the movie Titanic complete and it was very emotional despite been a gallant solider I cried as if I was Jack that died that night it was a very good film

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by: Adesope suleimam ()
Comment No. 85
17-Nov-2017, 12:28 GMT
it was really a very good and emotional film i really enjoyed the movie a very big thanks to the 2 main characters u have really inspired me and to the ot
hers u are been sighted

more of that
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