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`True Romance´
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dont think its correct
by: aje0105 ()
Comment No. 1
10-Mar-2003, 09:33 GMT
I think a whole middle section may be missing. The whole part where clarence kills the pimp and meets Alabama. Maybe it was written differently though
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by: George Clooney ()
Comment No. 2
02-Jul-2003, 11:25 GMT
one of my favorite movies, Brad Pitt at his best!!!
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Tarantino's Version
by: Dillontino
Comment No. 3
27-Oct-2003, 01:01 GMT
Ahh, the original & best,
Tarantino's 2nd script after my best friends birthday. The Perfect Ending No Roger Avery Fairy Tale-Bull!
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Masterpiece of action and dialogue
by: Ben Ziegler ()
Comment No. 4
26-Feb-2004, 10:22 GMT
this is one of the most powerful action movies i've ever seen. I mean you get action movies like 'Die Hard' that are just exciting and good ol' high-octane entertainment, and then you get True Romance, a movie that is somehow profoundly powerful. Thinking about the film again and wondering how hard it is to actually act that good with that much intensity, especially the Alabama scenes with Gandolfini, raises the little hairs on my knuckles. How do these people act like this, are they superhuman? What a movie, the best action film of the 90's possibly.
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by: Sawyer ()
Comment No. 5
25-Apr-2004, 20:22 GMT
Greatest movie ever, the ending in the screenplay is even better than the theatrical one.
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by: The so-called Negro
Comment No. 6
05-Jul-2004, 20:07 GMT
Best scene in the film: Dennis Hopper's brilliantly incendiary anecdote about Sicilian's and their nigger blood. Pure Genius. And Christopher Walken rules, as usual.
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Drexl Spivey
by: TwanDiggity ()
Comment No. 7
18-Aug-2004, 03:05 GMT
Drexl is by far the best character in the movie. Well, the best actor in the movie at least. They're all good but Oldman's the best one. Honestly, I think the movie wouldn't have been that good without him. Even though he had a small role, the movie needed him because he was definitely the biggest badass.
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Compelling reading
by: ProximoCentauri ()
Comment No. 8
10-Sep-2004, 23:50 GMT
This was a really good script, no wonder it got picked up. I was just gonna scan it c'cause i loved the movie so much, but ended up reading the whole thing - instead of working.
aje0105 (janesaddict13494@aol.com)... It's all there, but not in the order the movie presented, in fact, quite a bit didn't make it into the movie.
I heard that QT hated the way the movie changed his script, and it's a really good script, but I think that they did a great job with those changes. I really loved the movie. My favorite line is definitely "...pass me the burner."

I thought the riff between the cops had to be ad-libbed. Just shows you what great writing can do for actors.
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True Romance
by: johnny ()
Comment No. 9
25-Feb-2008, 15:46 GMT
Tony Scott Rearranged the order of the original tarantino Script, so it's not misssing... you have keep on reading...
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`True Romance´

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