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`Apocalypse Now´
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the film that you have asked for me to comment upon
by: the drunk ()
Comment No. 1
02-Nov-2002, 18:49 GMT
and so, jesus swept forth into the a dimension from which he knew little about. he had dreamt of it, and he had invisioned its glorific path. as he floated away, away from the clutches of the roman empire, and away from the mistrust of judas, he had become enlightened. it wwas his time, chirst had reached nirvana. he had hoped to one day see his end in spiritualistic endevour. the journey was vast, and the road was long, but he was light. light as a feather. his disciples sat praying for his saftey, they watched as he floated away chanting: he aint heavy, he's our brother. oh, i guess you have figured that i couldn't possibly comment...and and so on and so forth
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by: burrben ()
Comment No. 2
22-Jul-2004, 15:47 GMT
This script is alright but it is the exact same story and many of the same lines as Conrad's "Heart of Darkness"
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Trident Critique: Apocolypse Now, Full Metal Jacket, Platoon
by: Jawn Bouy ()
Comment No. 3
24-Sep-2009, 05:04 GMT
For a good read and three way critique of three similar movies, look on you tube: jawn bouy: trident critique OR check out one of two channels: MRJB714 or kooc417nhoj.
It IS a long read, but well worth it.
Best regards,
Jawn Bouy, Writer
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best regards
by: Hareton ()
Comment No. 4
01-Feb-2011, 07:40 GMT
You can watch this movie a thousand times and pick up something new each one. Everything that happens in Apocalypse Now is explicable if you make the effort to understand it. It's the greatest war, and necessarily anti-war, film ever made. The ending is shattering and the only possible conclusion there could be. When one starts down this road, the fate of Kurtz is the only possible outcome. Kurtz had "gone all the way" and Willard realized that once you choose this path, there in no return. Coppola gave everything to make this film, and it is required viewing for those who believe barbarism can save civilization.
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`Apocalypse Now´

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