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`Usual Suspects, The´
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The Usual Suspects
by: Dirk ()
Comment No. 1
04-Jan-2004, 20:02 GMT
Quite simply the best screenplay ever written. Christopher McQuarrie shows tremendous intelligence in his masterpiece and fully deserved his Academy Award. It's ability to play tricks on the reader before it's conclusion is unique. This form of storytelling might piss some people off but for me it's part of it's appeal.
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by: Ben Ziegler ()
Comment No. 2
15-Jan-2004, 16:08 GMT
Yeah i totally agree Dirk. Its a masterpiece. I found a similiar tone in McQuarries' 'The Way Of The Gun' script too, one of the most underated scripts of 2001 or 2000 whatever year it was. I think he may well be the best out there along with Tarantino, David Mamet and Charlie Kaufman and shows an intelligence and complexity in character i've never really read before. Of course the film only makes this script look ten times as good. Boogie Nights is a great movie.
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The best
by: krste ()
Comment No. 3
23-Sep-2004, 14:57 GMT
Every time i watch this movie i'm trying to find hole in screenplay.I couldn't find any. This is a best triler screnplay. Bravo McQuarrie and Singer
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Doesn't make sence
by: Ross
Comment No. 4
11-Feb-2016, 12:56 GMT
And why would a master criminal sit for hours in a police station letting everyone get a good look at his face ?
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`Usual Suspects, The´

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