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two thumbs way down
by: ebert ()
Comment No. 1
13-Oct-2005, 22:56 GMT
i dpn't usually write for free or give my reviews over the internet. however this movie really was horrible
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Re: Two Thumbs Way Down
by: Terry ()
Comment No. 2
06-May-2006, 17:33 GMT
You're very convincing, Mr. Ebert. It's too bad you lack the mental capacity to express yourself. One would think you could do better.
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by: Barbara Harper ()
Comment No. 3
06-Oct-2006, 19:59 GMT
I own a copy of this film...I love it...the little boys face when he is in the police station...soooo cute...it has passion...& my heart goes out to the Amish community with regard to the recent tragedy they have suffered.Peace to you all...from across The Muddy Pond
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How could you not like this film?
by: Tim ()
Comment No. 4
21-Feb-2008, 20:09 GMT
It's amazing. And Peter Weir is a great director. I've worked for him myself. Email me and tell me what you did NOT like about this.
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Fookin terrible film
by: Dongs ()
Comment No. 5
07-Apr-2015, 12:46 GMT
Fookin terrible film, fookin awfull actn and everything. FOOK TEH WITNESS
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