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`Wizard of Oz, The´
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by: Damjan Kosutic ()
Comment No. 1
02-Jul-2003, 11:27 GMT
SUPERB MOVIE!!!! I think that cinematographically this can be recognized as the finest movie of all times!!! Ture Color, True Camera, nice shots...I LUV IT
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by: Morgan Black ()
Comment No. 2
21-Oct-2003, 00:55 GMT
This is the best movie and to see the screen play just adds to it. the best i have ever seen written (for that time)
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by: John ()
Comment No. 3
02-Jun-2004, 03:06 GMT
This movie is messed up!
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Great Movie
by: Ben ()
Comment No. 4
27-Jul-2004, 00:46 GMT
I love this movie its mi fave!!!
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by: Nihgtwing
Comment No. 5
24-Oct-2005, 15:29 GMT
You can see one of the little people being hung in the background of this movie.....
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`Wizard of Oz, The´

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