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`Matrix, The (1996)´
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by: Zelos ()
Comment No. 1
09-Apr-2000, 21:49 GMT
One of the coolest movies ever. Not as fictitious as one might think, imho.
Get it, read it and have fun!
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by: John
Comment No. 2
08-Nov-2003, 13:06 GMT
Stupid script. Stupid movie.
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by: Rothman ()
Comment No. 3
14-Mar-2004, 23:51 GMT
The first one is the best the other two dont even bother seeing
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by: The Hobbit ()
Comment No. 4
29-Apr-2004, 15:05 GMT
This one was pretty good a good break through using different computer C.G.I but the movie itself isn't too good and the ones after just get worse.
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by: Faerun
Comment No. 5
30-May-2004, 22:50 GMT
very smart movie, not for everyone though (you need to be able to think abstractly).
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by: Allen
Comment No. 6
21-Jul-2004, 21:46 GMT
well said, Faerun
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The Matrix
by: Akash ()
Comment No. 7
24-Apr-2006, 08:24 GMT
this movie is really excellent ! it has presented philisophical and spiritual ideas in a very innovative way with the story of hi-tech world.
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by: kirkster ()
Comment No. 8
10-Nov-2008, 17:41 GMT
Have you ever thought that Andy and Larry are biggest frauds in the film business. It may be true they wrote the scripts for the film and directed it. but did they create the story? because things the said has convince me the great question. and there another point. in the first script it all sounds Amercian. but reloaded and revolution sounded unamercian. like thing described in reloaded. winslow over pass. which is a place in Britain not in Amercia and it begs the question did a mad Englishman create the story. they would not tell you that? would they?
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by: Ed ()
Comment No. 9
05-Jun-2009, 07:02 GMT
Her name is Sophia Stewart! U can google/youtube or whatever u film geeks do! Its a fact, they ( Warchowski bros.) STOLE this story! She's actually settled out of court recently for millions. Look, I don't want any of u film geek dorks 2 send me anything 2 counter this! Shit, I went 2 Columbia College ( alumni of Warchowski/Sophia) so I KNOW the REAL story. But, if u don't believe me look it up 4 your self!
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by: SirQL8 ()
Comment No. 10
10-Aug-2010, 20:10 GMT
One of the best opening acts for a trilogy ever written. I'm a little disappointed that this version isnt the one that wound up in the movie...
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by: L192837465
Comment No. 11
03-Mar-2011, 19:55 GMT
Yeah, so I think I won't be taking your advice ever considering you couldn't be bothered to spell out simple words. Reading your comment hurt my soul.

I loved the movie, one of the best Sci-fi movies ever! This script definitely sheds some light on some things they cut out or re-worked (namely, to dumb it down for the masses). Makes me sad, but it still turned out great.
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by: Markus ()
Comment No. 12
12-Jan-2017, 10:24 GMT
The Matrix trilogy and the Star Wars (first) trilogy are absolutely the best films ever. Not saying other great movies are not fantastic, just that these two stories and overall productions are outstanding. No need to explain why and how: any honest and educated person would see and know it.
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they stole it from real world
by: one
Comment No. 13
07-Nov-2017, 20:38 GMT
if you want to free your mind...... and see hoe wachowskis stole matrix script from real world, heres the link ==> https://medium.com/@webberdepor/matrix-re-written-f5caa3c74d78
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`Matrix, The (1996)´

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