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`As Good As It Gets´
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One of the Top Ten Screenplays of All Time!
by: Sarge ()
Comment No. 1
10-Aug-2002, 12:39 GMT
Should have won the Academy Award. A must for anyone wishing to study a master of the craft.
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the film, man
by: drunk drunk drunk ()
Comment No. 2
02-Nov-2002, 18:57 GMT
is this as good as it gets? i sit here with a bottle of tequila on one side, a bottle of asperin on the other, void of any hope in my life. i have contemplated. i do have the courage to follow through with it, i believe it is the only path to take; the righteous path. i am drunk. too drunk. is this the end of I? i certainly hope so, for if this is as good as it gets, then i have know desire to carry on living in this farce. dam it, i have nothing to live for. i don't know my films, nor am i worthy of the nerdy attributes that are packaged within the lyfestyle of those who actually bother to comment on these films. kill me. shoot me now. dam it, i couldn't possibly comment
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by: TheHobbit ()
Comment No. 3
04-May-2004, 15:17 GMT
wow, this screenplay is terrible, this movie is terrible. As good as it gets? this movie isn't even as good as me taking a shit
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by: david
Comment No. 4
29-Nov-2004, 06:29 GMT
this is gonna turn me into another man, i mean, a better one. great movie.
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Better Than It Gets
by: Firefly ()
Comment No. 5
12-Mar-2005, 23:15 GMT
In my Top 10 films of all time, and pretty close to the top, at that...this screenplay/film/actors bring so much more to the table in two hours, and leave you thinking long afterward. It works on every level, and deserved more Oscars than it got. The flaws each character has and works through are gut-wrenchingly honest. I loved the inclusion of homosexuality as something that exists in this life, yet it's not preaching at the world how gay people need love and acceptance, too. It shows this without the in-your-face rawness so many in the gay community feel necessary to express through force. This film will be shown in film schools for many years as the best example of the human condition and supurb character portrails. All four of the top actors (yes, the mother, too) were, in my opinion, as good as they come.
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Great screenplay
by: Todor Tragmar ()
Comment No. 6
14-Mar-2007, 22:41 GMT
If you want to learn how to write a screenplay, you have to read this script.
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A bit disappointing...
by: Polarbear ()
Comment No. 7
01-Dec-2007, 00:07 GMT
While I consider this one of the most well written movies I have seen in a long time, I was totally shocked to see the screenplay in such poor shape, and written with the grammer, spelling and beauty of language of an 8th grader. I am totally shocked an editor didn't pick up on the hundreds of misspellings and other faults. Grammer aside, some of the language and descriptive analogies actually had me laughing at their absurdity. My compliments to the director who cleaned up this mess and managed to see his way to a brilliant movie despite the flaws...
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`As Good As It Gets´

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