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`Fight Club´
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by: milo ()
Comment No. 1
17-Mar-2003, 14:15 GMT
One of the best screenplays I've ever laid my eyes on. Fluid, clever, what more can you ask?!
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another WOW
by: theDoctor ()
Comment No. 2
20-Jul-2003, 05:13 GMT
i couldn't agree with you more milo. you are right 100000000%
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fight club
by: hellodancer ()
Comment No. 3
13-Oct-2003, 23:39 GMT
i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
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by: kalard
Comment No. 4
08-Nov-2003, 13:08 GMT
stupid white boy movie.
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Fight Club
by: Rothman ()
Comment No. 5
14-Mar-2004, 23:59 GMT
Fight club is probably the most interesting psycologicaly based movie scince sphere. A must see for anyone who appreciates good movies
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Cool Movie
by: Brothacoffee ()
Comment No. 6
04-Apr-2004, 23:56 GMT
I thought it was a cool movie!
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What a Brawl
by: The Hobbit ()
Comment No. 7
27-Apr-2004, 17:57 GMT
This is by far the best fighting movie in the world, This movie just keeps coming with genius.
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bzzz bzzz
by: magnificent ()
Comment No. 8
13-May-2004, 15:16 GMT
bzzz! l'e never been so overwhelmed by... right and astoniching observations! does anyone agree?
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Fight Club
by: Ezzy ()
Comment No. 9
15-May-2004, 23:18 GMT
This movie is pure original genius. One of few movies that turned out better then the book.
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Fight Club
by: Andy ()
Comment No. 10
18-Oct-2004, 18:50 GMT
Rule number one:
You don?t watch the fight club.
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Best Movie
by: Parker ()
Comment No. 11
27-Oct-2004, 19:25 GMT
Fight Club is one of the best movies that was ever made. It is one of Brad Pitts best movies and him and Edward Norton should have gotten more credit for there rolls in Fight Flub
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by: LizarKing ()
Comment No. 12
09-Nov-2004, 23:08 GMT
Ha ha, thats fucking hilarious Andy. Though I enjoyed the action in this movie, I thought the plot was far from clever. The "Oh, your actually me" storyline is generic psychological plot #2. This movie delivers no more than the title suggests: a club where people fight.
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by: Harj ()
Comment No. 13
05-Jan-2005, 21:24 GMT
brilliant, one of the best original movies made so far. Edward Norton is pure genius. thoroughly enjoyed reading the script and watching the film.
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Fight Club
by: Ryan
Comment No. 14
21-Jan-2005, 03:18 GMT
original???? I've seen at least 5 other movies with the same schizophrenic bullshit.
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by: Saf
Comment No. 15
21-Mar-2005, 07:08 GMT
The elements of the premise may not be very original but the way it's portrayed and geared is. Fantastic direction by Fincher, great acting by all involved, intelligent, dark and humorously scripted - all which made for a film that appeals more to fans of thrillers than thick-as-a-plank action junkies. A must see for intelligent people that appreciate film noir and don't shy away from violence; if you're only out for perving over blood don't bother, because the rest of the film (and script) will probably be way over your head.
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Kalard kick ass
by: Mrs Haye from Harlem
Comment No. 16
05-Apr-2005, 19:26 GMT
Fight Club ws ok but it isnt for my homies from Harlem. Holla if you Hear me
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Fight Club
by: El Mariachi
Comment No. 17
24-May-2005, 21:00 GMT
Not just a movie but a way of life
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by: Mikhail T. ()
Comment No. 18
09-May-2006, 01:08 GMT
Fight Club is The best Movie ever
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Fight Club
by: Robert Miller
Comment No. 19
17-Jan-2007, 23:02 GMT
Great script. I can now realize how it's somewhat easy to move the words around in the script to make it flow better in the movie. What I mean is that some of the wording,in the script, is in different places when comparing the movie.
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fight club
by: andrew ()
Comment No. 20
02-Feb-2007, 18:51 GMT
Fight club is one of my all time favourite movies, the director(s) could not have picked a better cast, the ending had a nice twist to it too.
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fight club
by: milo W.
Comment No. 21
10-Feb-2007, 21:20 GMT
One of the most important aspects of this script is the fact that it flows at a continuous pace, and never lets you pause in its path. Essential for a producers reader to decide to hand it to the boss.
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by: -_=
Comment No. 22
30-Mar-2007, 20:36 GMT
Tyler durden as Jack's Id person, and Nihilism in its true form! (not the hitler pseudo nihilistic views) Great movie! Movies with an AWESOME outershell and a very honest meaning behind it seem to be rare to find now-a-days!

destruction creation! SPHERE IS A GREAT MOVIE AS WELL! I HEART HUCKABEES deliver similar views. check it out if you havent seen it.
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after reading
by: arnold ()
Comment No. 23
11-Oct-2007, 13:18 GMT
this read now i dare to watch a movie. thank's god i can always download it =) http://www.coplace.com/m/fight-club-40077.htm

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by: Me ()
Comment No. 24
20-Aug-2008, 04:13 GMT
by: kalard Comment No. 4
08-Nov-2003, 13:08 GMT
stupid white boy movie.

Stupid black boy comment!
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by: zero ()
Comment No. 25
02-Dec-2009, 08:34 GMT

pure smartness, precious concept, looking into invisibles, alarming for the awakend mind, life changing
i worship the movie
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`Fight Club´

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