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`Matrix, The (1997)´
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THE MATRIX final draft???
by: Zelos ()
Comment No. 1
25-Feb-2001, 01:20 GMT
This seems to be the final draft of THE MATRIX. Can this be confirmed by someone else?
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RE: ` THE MATRIX final draft??? ?
by: toggie ()
Comment No. 2
15-Aug-2002, 10:42 GMT
Certainly looks like the final draft to me, but I think the ending is slightly different.
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the matrix! duh
by: the drunk again ()
Comment No. 3
02-Nov-2002, 22:29 GMT
for the love of god, yes, it's me again. have i sobered up yet? well, yes-sir-ee-bob. though i'll remedy that notion later on when one sends his kids out to the off licence. my little girl, annie, she usually pops out to get the beer, however i think it's a little unfair to ask her to go out for her pappy at this time of the night. anyway, she's busy scrubbing the pan we made that vindaloo in. the dam thing always leaves the deepest of stains. don't fear though, annie is a good scrubber. that particular pot is not the only thing she's scrubbed and shined. i love my children. sometimes i attempt to contemplate what my life would be like without the little pests in my life, god bless um. i certainly would be without cigarrettes seen as they buy a pack of 20 benson for their pappy everyday after they earn their keep in the local coalmine. i know what you're thinking. when do they find time for play? well, it's funny you should ask that question through my typing. the answer is as follows: they do find time to play in the evenings when they play the game "COCTAIL" the premise of the game is simple, i have provided my kids with imaginary coctail equipment in which their are imaginary bottles of spirits, mixers, soda water, flavours, etc. with the coctail stuff, my kids imagine that they are relieving the film "COCTAIL" where tom cruise is a high flying coctail making gymnast. my lord, those two kids of mine have got that imaginary game all most to perfection. soon i'll be able to provide them with the filled bottles of drink and buy them an actual bar behind which they can shake and stir their dear daddy a nice coctail. however, if they forget the old alcohol, then all hell will brake loose. i would be sober and realise that those darling little cherubs are evil little shits who have been cursed upon me by their whore of a mother. bitch. i hope she burns in that rutting mental institute she currently inhabits. still, the kids lead them to that, so one good thing came out of not bothering to go to a chemist. alcohol and trying to remember all that one has learnt in sex education do not mix. by the way, the matrix was good, as for my overall commentary of this sci-fi epic, i am quite confident in commenting upon the fact that i can comment on the issue that i couldn't possibly comment.
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wow the matrix
by: Mia ()
Comment No. 4
09-Oct-2003, 15:23 GMT
this is an awsome movie but this draft is diff, but still rox!
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by: Trae G3 ()
Comment No. 5
06-Feb-2004, 12:01 GMT
Im sure this is the final draft of The Matrix, but I do like this ending better. I always considered the scene with Neo diving into the Agent, very cory, and a third rate special effect at best. The description on the script with the Agent lungging toward him, only to meet with nothingness, is much more elusive and mysterious. I think they should have stuck to teh screenplay for that part, but otherwise the similarities to the actual film are phenominal... GOOD WORK, W. Bros!!!
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by: Greg ()
Comment No. 6
03-May-2005, 00:36 GMT
The Matrix is actually my all time favorite film. Yes, this is the final draft, the Wachowski's changed the speech at the end in the cutting room. This is a great screenplay and an even better film, I reccomend to anyone.
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by: omspodfasj ()
Comment No. 7
18-May-2005, 21:00 GMT
no, this is not the final script/screenplay, the final one was written in 99/98, not 97. this one has countless differences, most noticably, i think, in: "i give you the finger, and you cram your deal up your secret service sphincter" - a totally awful alternative.
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`Matrix, The (1997)´

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